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Friday, June 11, 2010

How to Live in New York

It’s been so good that I was back in New York again with a big smile on my face and glance what life is like to be in the Big Apple for the third time. And to someone who belongs to a middle-middle class like me, it is a pre-order in the universe and a continuation of my journey to explore possibility of staying for good in New York soon. Now the plan has become more tangible as I started to live like a real New Yorker; I walk fast surviving the gritty, mean streets of New York, I speak a New Yorker’s twang, I live in a small apartment, I bitch someone in the neighborhood and I have to live with it as everything was filtered through that prism.

I was embraced with the city's countless yellow cabs, glittering lights, skyscrapers and people who are always in a hurry. I don't really feel that I am alone as there are so many things that can be done during day time. You may not be needing a car as all means of transportation are in the city - subway, taxis and buses. A city that doesn't sleep where you can walk around along the avenues. And talk about shopping, H&M, Best Buys, Victoria Secrets, Macy's, Armani Exchange, Gucci,etc; and talk about fine dining, coffee shops and bars, too - a lot. If you like the city life, New York City could be one of the place you are looking for.

Sameera Chathuranga

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