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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Staying in Queens, New York

Queens is Little Manila in New York and is home to 85,000 Filipinos and Filipino-Americans. My first week in New York, I stayed in Brooklyn and later on had decided to transfer in Queens. I bumped with a "kababayan" and thanks to Tita Julie, for she had led me to finding a place where I could stay safely. The apartment was owned by a Filipino couple at Elmhurst, and the room was nice and clean. You can find a coffee shop just a few steps outside, and a 5 minute walk to subway if you want to go in Manhattan. More Asian cuisines are available for as low as $4.50 a meal and supermarkets too. A lot of Asians are dominated by Chinese, Indians and Filipinos. If I like to go to a Filipino restaurant, it's only 20 minute walk from Broadway to Roosevelt avenue. From 64th to 69th street along Roosevelt avenue, you can find some restaurants like Jolibee, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, etc. At long last, I know exactly where to go the next time around and got some network of friends.

Sameera Chathuranga

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