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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Times Square

I usually jaunt in Times Square once I've went out from Subway. I usually ride an E - train from Elmhurst avenue where I came from. Times Square was my favorite spot because that is where I can sit down and relax and watch people pass by. I love to stare at those Broadway show billboards while observing some of these agents sell tickets for a Broadway Show for as low as $20. I maximize my time using my laptop sufing the net, checking both my emails and facebook account to make sure I get updated with my network status.

I was so attracted with the lights as soon as the night comes, and thousands of people came across to see these great lights in the city every day. I never felt tired walking back and forth because what inspires me to walk is to make sure I get the opportunity to enjoy what Uncle Sam has given me.

Times Square has become a landmark of my meeting place and that is why I keep coming back there whenever I am in that big city.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Poor Customer Service

I just thought I would never have to blog about coffee shops but it seemed through this experience of mine, I would have to say I have my final conclusion that somehow, there was no such thing as customer service in the Philippines. The term “customer service” is not in our Filipino dictionary even up to this day because the business practice that we have is so primitive and no wonder we never got out as third world country. Too bad, Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is the only industry who saves our face in the hands of foreign customers through its call centers. They are dead serious about their campaigns to deliver the best customer service to their clients. Most of our industries could not even be at par with those of BPO sector and one of the reasons why may be due to lack of training of personnel.
I had a meeting with my colleague and we decided to have a meet up at The Coffee Bean, Gateway in Araneta Center. Just before heading up to the said coffee shop, I was already at Starbucks CafĂ© which was only few steps away to its counterpart, The Coffee Bean. I had a coffee, at the same time surfing the net using my laptop while waiting for my colleague to arrive at The Coffee Bean. I decided to shift place bringing my coffee out since our meeting was held at The Coffee Bean. Outside its premise, seats are available purposely for their customers. I sat down waiting for few more minutes and in my hand was the remaining part of my Starbucks coffee. It was my intention to go inside and get another order but this time I had to wait for my colleague before placing my order so we’ll have more time to talk about while having our coffee. In that moment, a security personnel of The Coffee Bean came and approached me catching my attention that I couldn’t sit down because bringing a competitor’s coffee to their place is prohibited. Of course I would still consider myself as their customer though I still have my own coffee. So I demanded that I won’t vacate the place because I will have to order a coffee but first I need to wait for my peer so we can order once. And that was so clear that I was a customer. But arrogantly he replied, “Di mag-order ka na!” What a nerve, is this how they treat their customer or potential customer so often? So the story did not end there. As soon as my peer arrived, we went inside to get our order. I asked the cashier for a supervisor to complain and that, as soon as their supervisor is available, we want to talk to her immediately if she can approach us outside. Thirty minutes later, there wasn’t even a shadow of her face that show up to grace us with her presence and empower herself for my complaint.
And because of this incident, I promised myself not to go to this place anymore because of poor customer service. First of all, catching a customer’s attention due to bringing competitor’s coffee has become SUBJECTIVE instead of treating me as their customer.