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Sunday, September 19, 2010

My First Week in School

Last Friday was our second meeting on Mathematics for Computing subject. I had a hard time trying to understand how a conversion of number base is done. It is easy, although a minor subject, I needed a little bit time to do an exercise how these things work, and during the session, I have noticed that my classmates find it easy and simple.

But it can't be denied that math gave me a headache, and it took me time to figure out how they were able to come up with their answers. Some parts of math has been my water-loo since college days, so it may no longer be a surprise if I find some data confuses me.

I find my Web Development subject too interesting though, for it allows me to understand more about developing a website and how the codes work using a note pad editor. It is more specific, and you can design a website without using a template that you can get from the internet.

In one of my subject, we've been asked to introduce ourselves and what are some of our expectations in a class as most of them replied, "My expectation is to pass the subject.." Well, that was so classic; I find it understandable because they were young, and perhaps shy and could not think of something else about their expectations. But of course, everybody wants to pass the subject.

During my classes, one thing that surprised me is that some of my classmates are just 15 or 16 years of age which is not quite normal during my freshmen year of my time. Well I guess I am old enough to become a student that even my professors call me "sir" to address my name. But I am not the only senior who went in that school, and in fact, I have a classmate who is an American Navy whose age is 60 years old. But I don't mind at all regardless of age, because we are in a realm of information technology and we needed to update our knowledge in terms of computer education. For us, it's a new endeavor, new opportunity, and it is something that I could not afford to lose.

Sameera Chathuranga

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