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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to All! May the year 2011 be more fruitful, productive, challenging, loving, more hopes and dreams to bring each one of us to greater heights!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Potential to Grow with E-Commerce

Setting up an e-commerce business needs a lot of time to conceptualize the idea and eventually implement it. Just like any traditional businesses, the most challenging part is how a plan should be given an execution and this is a process wherein the real energy comes into play. There are so many good business ideas that one can think of, from a food business to retail shops but it always come from planning that build a good foundation. With much complexities on traditional business, capitalization is much needed to attain the objective.

As globalization has melted national borders, we have become more connected with other citizens in the world which gives an average person to have the opportunity of exploring some possibilities of doing business through the internet. The market is vast allowing a person to sell his products and services to other countries. Information technology is no doubt a clear-cut tool for everyone and the only risk that we face is how to utilize it. E-commerce business is just a click away because we are pampered with a computer interface and internet connection and all the resources are no longer a secret. All the internet marketing gurus provide us a learning paraphernalia and information on how we can do the business through the use of internet, how to beat the competition and become wealthy. Although it doesn’t guarantee success, at least we are equipped with some helpful insights why others are so successful in the e-commerce business.
If you are aspiring to become an entrepreneur or you are small business owner with a little capital in your hand, consider an alternative remedy. The cost in doing an e-commerce business may not be as expensive as traditional business does, because there are some resources where you can get these for free once you sign up with a particular site. You don’t have to pay an expensive office in setting up your work place, for you can utilize your own bedroom as your small office, and a computer connected with an internet to facilitate the necessary tools in operating a small business. It’s all about learning a new endeavor and concentrating on your strength with some skills that you are equipped with. E-commerce can be lucrative but it will still depend on your hard work, patience and eager to learn a new concept adopting new changes.
According to business tycoon John Gokongwei during his speech before 2004 Ateneo graduates, he encourages everyone to be a person for others to serve our countrymen and become an entrepreneur. He said that we need young people who will find the idea, grab the opportunity, take risks and set aside comfort to set up businesses that will provide jobs. He also made a point that globalization can be one’s greatest enemy and it will be our downfall if we are too weak to fight it out but globalization can also be our biggest ally.
My experience in the Business Process Outsourcing or BPO industry as an agent has led me to see some potentials to grow in e-commerce business giving me an idea how to set up a home-based call center and more specifically on how some transactions are run through the internet. It has become a key to open a gateway and taps more prospective opportunities that Tim Berners Lee invented– the web. With a little more creativity and a little more persistence, no matter how small an idea is, it can turn something big as soon as the right time comes. I believe it was beneficial. About two years ago, I went to Macau for a trade show events. And last year, I was in New York for another trade show event. In the middle of this year, I was back in New York for a client meet up. Traveling was one of the benefits I have incurred from doing an e-commerce. The business has been running for almost four years and aspiring to put up a call center in the future and in that way, we can help a bit to boost an income for those who will become interested soon.
Come to think of it, e-commerce is a way of business today and as a turning point, having an online business whether a person is operating as home-based can be competitive as big giants in the market niche today.