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Friday, January 28, 2011

Food Trip

One of my favorite past time is to write a blog and quite few of them is about traveling. I have never tried food blogging because in the first place, I am not a connoisseur. Although it doesn’t take one to be an expert, I just want to give myself a shot on food blogging while jaunting in different places.

The other day I went to Chef Doy’s, a Filipino cuisine located in the city of Naga along Magsaysay Avenue. Prior to getting into this place, I inquired about cuisines from an employee in Pasacao that she can recommend the best food it serves in the city, but she gave me a hard brochure taken from her office table just to provide me some information.

Although I’m not familiar about where the cuisine is situated, the place is not hard to find. It’s just 5-10 minutes away from the plaza. I was not keen in terms of cuisines and gourmets in the city of Naga, but I usually go to a nearest fast food when it’s time for me to eat.

One of the cuisine’s best-selling specialties is Pininyanhang Manok sa Gata, a chicken with pineapple in thick cream sauce. The chicken bits are marinated with pieces of pineapple chunks which lets you savor its delightful taste.

Another mouth-watering dish they serve is Ginataang Sugpo; this viand contains three pieces of prawns in coconut cream with pumpkin and yard long beans.

I was served with plain rice although I made it clear from the start that fried rice was my order. Just to cut short of the waiting period, I was no longer interested catching the waiter’s attention about his mistake.

And to summarize my over-all experience, the foods were great at an optimal charge.