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Monday, March 21, 2011

Morong Church

Morong, Rizal is an hour drive if you take a jeepney ride from Junction Ortigas extension. I was supposed to go in Tanay but because it was already past two in the afternoon, I shifted gear from what I had originally planned the day ahead. Earlier I was googling the search engine to have a look up on what's unique about the place and saw a photo of a church. So I got curious thinking it was a good idea to visit the church in Morong.

Morong Church is said to be one of the most photographed churches along the Laguna loop area. Its facade is one of the most intricate details and you can feel its serenity once you set foot in this church. According to history, the church was built in 1615 by Chinese craftsmen as evidence by the Fu Dogs at the entrance.

Ahh...it was such a breath-taking experience that I decided to take a rest and relax before leaving the place.

Sameera Chathuranga

4 Responses So Far:

www.ann-d-explorer.com said...

wow...I'm from Rizal and I did not know about this. Maybe because I'm not catholic. But I've never seen this church.

john said...

Ann, actually I just saw this one in the internet and was curious about it. The real plan was in Tanay...Ako rin, I'm from Cainta and doesn't know about it till I found it in google. Thanks for the comment..

carol said...

thanks jon for featuring our church in your blog..

john said...

Hi Carol, actually I visited Morong Church again last December..will keep on coming back there in the church and in Morong..:)