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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bangus Festival in Dagupan

I had a chance to explore Bangus festival, an annual festivity that kicks off every month of April in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. The fiesta highlights the province's Bonuan bangus famous for its unique taste. We arrived around 5p.m. taking us an hour to find an inn as most of the hotels were fully booked due to festivity which ends on the last day of this month. While trying to organize my thought what we should do, most of the time we had some walks along the main streets of the city.

The main source of our dinner is the street foods and some of these vendors prepare barbecues as they have been waiting for the highlight of the festivity lasts the following day. Then we had coffee at the shop close to the inn where we checked in.

We left the city at two in the morning without having witnessed the most important part of the event - the bangus parade, as we have some commitments in the next period of time. The stint in Dagupan fell us short as the plan was not organized well prior to visiting the place.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moriones Festival in Marinduque

At last I was able to visit Marinduque again after eleven years have passed. I left Manila on Good Friday because I knew that thousands of tourists go to see the Moriones Festival held on Holy Week in the island. So I figured out that it is best to leave when all are already set into a place of festivity. Although there are few ports available for disembarkation in the island, travelling time from Lucena, Quezon to Balanacan, Marinduque would take approximately two hours. You'll get to know once you arrived in Balanacan because the first thing that you would notice is the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary which serves as a landmark as seen while approaching the island. My late grandma Asuncion Bunag Madrigal was a native of the island and she used to serve as Recamadera of The Virgin for Our Lady of Biglang Awa from 1949 to June 1973.

The trip exhausted my energy as the summer season jives with my body temperature making me enervated throughout the day. As the festivity's taking place, I was able to catch up with some of the activities and as usual, aside from my cellphone, there are two things that I don't miss out to bring - my laptop and my camera. These electronic devices are as important as my cellphone as it becomes my habit by using them as often as I want.

So I hanged out in a Cafe fronting the court and opened my laptop to upload some of the photos I have taken during my trip.

I spent my dinner at Casa de Don Emilio-one of the place's fine dining. They served me "Binusog na Pusit", a squid stuffed with onions and tomatoes. So when I got my bill, they've mistakenly charged me with the foods I didn't placed to eat which was way up high from what I have ordered. Although the foods are not expensive and the staffs are friendly, I left the place with disappointment as some of their desserts are no longer available aside from mistakenly charging me of the bill that wasn't mine.

But if your travel destination is at beside the sea, it is best to try sea foods as we know that most of them are likely fresh from the water.

If you happen to visit the place, your travel will not be completed without going to the sea as Marinduque is rich when it comes to beach resorts. And one of them is Poktoy White Beach, located in Torrijos, a two-hour drive from Boac if you are taking a jeepney ride. The beach itself is quite isolated since it's a far depending on your destination and what place you have stayed in the island. Because it happened to be Easter Sunday, the resort was quite populated, but not as crowded as some of the beaches in Marinduque.

There are many good reasons why Marinduque is one of the best place to visit. And one of them is said to have an almost zero crime rate, and no one will ever snatch away your cell phone while using it in the public place. But it is best to visit the place during Holy Week as Moriones Festival where cultural practices or folk history is taking place in the island. So colorful and it is where masked and costumed penitents who march around the town for seven days. During May is the season for Santa Cruzan where parade of beauties in the streets can be seen.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Summer Taste of Blueberry Yogurt

If I think about summer, what's usually comes in my thought is to have a taste of sago and gulaman, melon juice, halo-halo or ice cream. It becomes inevitable especially after exposing myself in the heat of the sun to quench my thirst aside from bottled water.

Yesterday I was in Mega Mall and saw this Red Mango and one of delicacy they serve is Blueberry Yogurt. It has an additional toppings like strawberry, cheesecake and walnut. Although I am not really a fan of eating yogurt because I've never liked its taste, the serving gave me a nice impression about yogurt so I ended up ordering a large size, instead of looking for something to eat inside the mall. Yogurt is a dairy product said to be produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. It is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium and vitamins.