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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baguio City: Rain, Rain Go Away

The trip for Mariveles was disappointing. There was nothing to explore as compared from the travel that I did recently. Since there was a mix-up with a plan going to Baguio, we decided to go back to San Fernando, Pampanga as the bus drops some of its passengers in SM Mall. Following shortly after taking our lunch in the mall, we proceeded to the Central Terminal but unfortunately we have waited for more than two hours as buses going to Baguio did not appear in time. We went to Dau as alternative path en route Baguio, and a 45-miute drive going to the terminal where most of the buses have its stop over.

We arrive almost 8pm and an agent took us to the tourist desk so we can choose the inn that we can stay overnight. Early in the morning we went to Burnham Park and at the same time we've been looking for a hotel with a better rate. We checked in Hotel Enrico located at Legarda Road and for an affordable rate, we got a bigger room which was nice and clean, it has a bath room and the hotel is equipped with free wi-fi internet connection.

The rain pours as typhoon Bebeng hits Baguio moving from the southern part of the Philippines and making the city foggy and cold as summer was expected to bring warm during the dry season. We went to SM Mall and by noontime we had our lunch at Syblings Nook in the mall. I had pasta with a coke in can. The rain still continues to pour as we never had the chance to visit some of the tourist destinations like Mine's View, the Church, Grotto, strawberry fields in La Trinidad and more. We decided to go back to our hotel after we had coffee at the Starbucks. By 9am the following day, we had availed our free breakfast as we were about to check out the hotel. After checking out by 11am, we have gone to the market and bought some of its famous delicacies like peanut brittle, strawberry jam, pinipig. We also bought carrots, broccoli, peppers and strawberry fruits.

By 1pm we left the city and arrive Quezon City at past seven. My overall experience visiting is pretty good although it rained most of the time leaving us unable to visit some of its popular places. We went short in time that I would love to rusticate more in Baguio for a couple of days.

Sameera Chathuranga

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