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Friday, July 1, 2011

A Year Ago

It seems hard to believe that we are in the month of July and fast approaching that "ber" month which means Christmas season once again will just be around the corner. We just had our New Year recently and summer had just ended over a month ago. As soon as the summer was gone, we had the month of June as start of rainy season. The flood came about a week ago, it rained hard that caused the first flood in the year happened to be my birthday!! haha...And shortly after it subsided, then came another flood the following day.

I usually start to reminisce things in the past, and the greatest moment that happened in our lives are things in the past. This is the time when we realize that our pasts aren't quite bad at all but something that we can always cherish as these days gone by.

First thing I want to recall is the month I stayed in New York City last year. I love New York that I really wanted to go back as soon as possible. But few things have changed as the plan has temporarily put to shelf. But there's a big, big possibility for me to go back there this year and will try before the winter comes.

It was also in the month of July when I stayed in the Big Apple, and I was renting a room from a Filipino couple who own a house in Elmhurst, about 15 minutes to Manhattan by the subway. It was Independence Day of the U.S. when Best Buy had its sale. Mitch, a physical therapist was my buddy and we both watch the fireworks seen at the Hudson River.

Quite alone there, but I had so much fun as everyday I had to go to NYC and walk in Broadway, drink coffee and surf internet using my Acer laptop in Cosi Cafe, or go to Madison Square to spend another day in the university belt.

I should be ready when I go back there, bring my camera and laptop, and find a good place to stay. But a big NO to Brooklyn that recalls me about that dirty hostel I stayed for about a week before I met Tita Julie during the Philippine Independence Day in New York.

Sameera Chathuranga

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