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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cafe Agnes

One of my favorite past times during dead hours is to go to the mall and coffee shops are my usual hang out. I love coffee, and to keep me more relax from my ennui, I make sure that I order some brewed coffee. The more intense the aroma is, the more alive I am, especially when I get weak and in need of some energies to keep me awake. Most of the coffee shops have wi-fi internet so it's always best to bring along your laptop or your cell phone so you can check your email or social networking site like facebook.

In Sta Lucia Grand East Mall, it's great to have a place like Cafe Agnes. Located at level 2, the coffee shop has been in the business for seven years. They have loyal customers who keep coming back in the shop. It has a smoking lounge outside where you can see the scenic view of Ortigas Center. Coffees need not to be expensive. The price of their coffee can be justified with great customer service. Unlike some coffee shops which the staffs are not allowed to have some chit chat with their customers, Cafe Agnes stands out in this department. That's one thing that you can find in this shop aside from its location, you can expect great customer service, amiable staff and that's one of the reasons why they have more loyal customers who keep coming back as soon as they are in the mall. Check out one of their staffs, Gina, who's been with the shop since its opening seven years ago. Customers love her because she exemplifies friendliness and she delivers an excellent interpersonal skill. Just try to drop by at Cafe Agnes when you are at Sta Lucia mall. I've been hanging out in this cafe for more than three years now.

Sameera Chathuranga

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