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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let's Go to Greece

A friend from abroad who just went home treated me a lunch, at CYMA Greek Taverna. Located in Shangri-La Mall, this Greek-inspired restaurant is said to be one of the richest and healthiest cuisine in the world. I love the food and the ambiance, and the waiters are shouting "OPA!!" as soon as they serve something flaming. First we had a Mezedes and the word is translated as appetizer, which means "something small and delicate". Tzatziki is a cucumber, garlic and greek yogurt dip, and this Mezedes is served with warm pita bread.

Paidakia, a char-grilled lamb
Following shortly, the main course was served and this time we had Paidakia, the most popular delicacy is a char-grilled lamb ribs serve with a choice of rice-stuffed peppers or Greek roasted potatoes. But in our case, we chose the roasted potatoes. The overall fine dining experience was absolutely excellent, for the staffs exemplify amiability and great customer service, its ambiance shows Greek heritage and the foods are superb and it's worth your cash in.

I've been in Shangri-La Mall often times as always come to pass CYMA Greek Tavern at Level 6 of the Mall where some of the favorite restaurants are located. At first it was a wishful thinking but never thought I would be in this restaurant one of these days. Who knows, that my next destination is Greece! Ahh..it's one of the places I would love to literally see!

Sameera Chathuranga

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