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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Batanes Day 2: Valugan Bay and Ivana

The trip was exhausting, from Manila to Tuguegarao and Tuguegarao to Batanes. I settled  the first day with Shanedel's Inn just to keep myself relax from the long and exasperating trip experience. I visited the lighthouse in Naidi Hills on my first day in the island with the help of a guide. I contracted the tricycle driver to bring me to the light house and hired him for Valugan Bay trip in the morning and a whole day tour on the third day.

Valugan Bay
I got up early in the morning (Nov 23) to catch up for the sunrise as the driver brought me to Valugan Bay. This place is famous for its boulder shore where scattered large stones can be found lying in the sands. I photographed with a huge amount of space spent from my memory card to get the best photos as  possible. The result of the photo may not be the best but the experience to get into this place was worth it. It was simply breathtaking the moment I arrived in the shore and there was no way that I lost my glimpse to the shore. Sadly, the seven days stay in Batanes may not be enough to satiate my nature cravings.

My next trip would be in Ivana, a 30-minute jeepney ride from Basco. With the help of a store owner, I was able to gather some information about the place and this is where you can find the "Honesty Coffee Shop" along the shoreline. This coffee shop doesn't need to be manned and a visitor may drop the payment to the box. Some souvenirs and shirts are also sold here. I first learned about this coffee shop from GMA-7's "Kapuso mo, Jessica   Soho". Then I read a blog from Borgy Manotoc when he visited Batanes Island. It is said that the coffee shop is owned by a teacher.
Honesty Coffee Shop in Ivana.
I got this in my mind and has been longing to drop by in this shop the moment I've watched about it on the television and read it from the blog. And now, my wishes just came true about visiting Batanes.

My next stop would be the St. Joseph the Worker church which is just right across Honesty Coffee Shop. The church was built in 1860.

St. Josepch the Worker Church
By 3pm, I had to go back to Basco and it was the same jeepney that I rode in going to Ivana. Traveling by riding a jeepney has a designated time that a passenger should wait in going to the destination. Transportation is a bit problem in Batanes, so as much as possible, the traveler should be keen about the time from going back and forth.

Day two was not quite busy since I was still trying to familiarize the place. It was a wonderful experience when two purposes happening at the same time - which is travel and photography.

Up next is Day three.

Sameera Chathuranga