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Sunday, December 18, 2011

About My Recent Dreams

About two years ago, my mother who died in 2006 appeared in my dream.  I asked her why she was still here and not leaving the house yet and my mother replied, “I am still waiting for your brother, Arthur...” My brother lived in the south with his family so he never got a chance to visit us in our house. When my brother finally came home in 2009, I told him about my dream and quickly his wife punched in with a reply that maybe my mother was waiting for my brother because he never got home after she passed away. I could see my brother’s face and was a bit quiet the moment I imparted the message I received from my dream. My dream was so clear that I could hear my mom’s voice as she spoke to me. It was like a puzzle that either she meant she was waiting for my brother because he never got the chance to visit our house or she was forewarning of what had to transpire soon. But I was little scared about it.

My brother passed away just a few days ago and it was an untimely death as he suffered a brain stroke.  But prior to the incident, I had several dreams already about my brother moving home, and I had two dream occurrences that his children wanting help when I was in Batanes. It had triggered me to think that maybe they would indeed need my help. I was a bit worried though as this made me sense that something  might going to happen soon but not sure what it was all about.

Five months ago, I posted to my facebook wall “I don’t want to dream about a falling tooth anymore” because I had a dream about my tooth falling as the blood scatters over my mouth.  But previously, I had several dreams about a falling tooth where things usually happened in time like death had to be partaken. It happened few months before my relatives, my father and mother died.

The forewarning I recently received implied about the untimely death of my brother. May he rest in peace..

Sameera Chathuranga

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Anonymous said...

you are a psychic...