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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Backpacker Me

When I travel, I don't go for any further tour packages whether there's a big sale or not. And most of the time, when I travel, I go by myself. Not that I am an introvert type of a person. In fact I am ambivert. I may be gregarious to some extents whenever I want to but it all depends who I should go with, as long as we can correlate each other and that we have a good sense of chemistry. If there are number of people that I should go with especially when traveling, normally I set my limit up to two people only. I am always in a hurry and that's why, I'm a bit upset when I am with someone who is still taking a long bath or grooming his hair in time when I am about to leave the place. I don't normally go with someone who is into drama and picky person.

The reason could be that I may be quick enough to get ready to any given situations. As a backpacker I always travel alone, I go with a cheap way of traveling, I stay in a quite affordable hotels or inns and I eat anywhere as long as it is clean. I always carry my knapsack along with my camera and laptop and my usb stick is always loaded so I can attach it to the port to connect to the internet whenever there's a signal available within a place. As a backpacker I make sure that my personal blog is always updated with my itineraries and experiences within that period of time.

When I travel, I don't really go for adventures. Either I would just only walk around and see the nature, or stay in a place sit down and relax. And often times I don't go for any activities like mountain climbing, jogging or any sports activities. I just want to walk in a sandy beach and find some sea shells in the morning or just sit in the sand or in a big stone as the roaring sea and wind is a music to my ear. Watch the sunset and what the people doing. You see I don't go too much with the activities that is why a guided tour is not recommended for me.

One important aspect of being a backpacker is flexibility to adjust to any situations; also learning the place and the culture, and experiencing the good and the bad moments. For instance, my experience staying in a hostel in Brooklyn, New York had taught me to adopt to that situation as it compelled me to stay overnight at Times Square for my own safety. Three days without a normal sleep until I was able to find a place to berth in.

Just lately, I've taken photography seriously that I've even reached to the northern most part of the Philippines which is Batanes to photo shoot and lots of preparation was made prior to going to this island. My interest in going to Batanes and in photography started when I was in college. So cases like these have made me become a backpacker.

Prior to backpacking, I do a lot of researches about the place, hotels and included are some of the reviews of the people posted in the internet. This would give me some insights of the place that I am about to visit.

Here are some of the few things that I prepare when backpacking:

  • Extra cash.
  • Few clothes like shirts, underwear, towel, shorts.
  • Toothbrush and tooth paste.
  • deodorant and shampoo.
  • Slippers and a rubber shoe.
  • Watch.
  • My cellphones fully loaded and chargers.
  • My laptop and charger, memory flashdrive, a fully loaded internet USB stick.
  • My camera, gears and USB cord.
  • A pen and a notebook.
  • Candies and foods.
  • Medicines
Beginning my tour in Batanes, I had two bags -  one for my laptop and camera, and the other one I used for storing store clothes and other toiletries.

Sameera Chathuranga

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