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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Batanes Day 8: Going Home

From Basco to Tuguegarao by Sky Pasada plane
I couldn't believe it was all over. Seven days in Batanes was so fast and how I'd wish I could stay any longer. That was my initial reaction the moment I started putting all my things back in my blue bag. Everything seemed to be just like a dream coming to an end. I had to say that Batanes is my ideal place and all my interest in any part of the Philippines just seemed to dropped off. Simply because everything there are such very ideal. The people, place and the simplicity of life in the island where there's not so much technology there. A television and internet could be enough there if you are looking for a place that you need to relax and have a complete rest.

I went to the airport around 6:30 a.m on the 29th of November and the plane left Batanes at around 7:30 a.m., an hour flight going to Tuguegarao where I had to ride in a bus to Manila. Up to this day, I still had my hangover and few moments in that island were still fresh.

From Tuguegarao, I went with Victory Liner bus for almost 13 hours drive to Cubao. We were stuck up in a traffic jam for about more than 30 minutes while we were in a mountainous part of Nueva Vizcaya.

Caught in a traffic in Nueva Vizcaya
I used my cell phone in taking these these pictures from the airport till I was on my way to Cubao.

Definitely, I would be back again in Batanes given that there's another chance to be there someday. It might take a little bit long when should be the right time but by the next time, Itbayat island will be included in my Batanes itinerary. I have to say that Batanes is my dream island.

The people are so warm and every visitors have the reason to stay there as tourist like me are safe.

The landscape is such a beauty and untouched by the present civilization. It's not commercialized like Boracay or any beach resorts in the Philippines.

at the lobby of Basco airport where I left my two bags
So there's a reason why the locals there never wanted to develop this island to build this island some hotels and resorts.

Sameera Chathuranga

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