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Monday, January 2, 2012

My Travel Wish Lists for 2012

It's the first day of the year 2012 as most of  my friends are posting their plans, goals and new year's resolution made via Facebook wall. And I am one of them, haha... having a goal like healthy diet minimizing the intake of meats, pork and sugar, get some regular exercises and achieve spiritual awakening.

But to those who are able to read my blog, let me greet you a Happy New Year!

Now that it's January 2012, it's time to go back for work and be more productive to whatever field of endeavor that we all have. It's all about work, work and work and retire soon!

Morong, Rizal
As far as my plan for this year is concerned, I really need to figure out well, what's the best I can do when it comes to mine, setting the best foot forward to get the merits for my goals this year. It may not be 100% achievable but it could be workable and worth trying. Nevertheless it's up for us on how objective we are to achieve these plans and execute them one by one the best way we can. I also believe in luck, timing and determination. Okay I won't divulge some of them but let me focus what my travel wish lists for this year 2012. Last year, I have made more than 10 local travel destinations that I have achieved and I never had any international travel except for the year 2010. Instead, I have focused my travel to the provinces. International travel is truly expensive and this is one of the reasons why I never came up with one major travel abroad.

So here's my travel wish lists for the year 2012 and see how the following destinations can be achieved:

Local Travel
  • Baler, Aurora
  • Some parts of Bicol
  • Boracay, Aklan
  • Lake Sebu in Koronadal
  • Davao City
  • Mount Pulag
  • Sagada
  • Burias Island in Masbate
  • Mt. Banahaw
  • Some parts of Laguna
  • Tagaytay
I have my Plan B just in case some circumstances require me to go abroad and if my finances can fuel my travel destinations:
  • New York
  • Louisiana
  • California
  • Illinois
  • Some parts of Europe and Mediterranean  like Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey.
  • Some parts of Asia like Tibet, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam.
Traveling to these destinations are TOO AMBITIOUS, haha, but who cares about it anyway. just keeping my fingers crossed that it might possibly happen depending on one's financial circumstances.

Sameera Chathuranga

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