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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometime, Somewhere...

I found the lyrics of the song, "Sometime, Somewhere." The song was popularized by Basil Valdez and later on was sung by Regine Velasquez. Composed by Ryan Cayabyab, it's one of my few favorite songs that I'd loved to sing.

We speak but the words we say mean nothing. 
We smile but the smiles we give are wanting. 
We look upon each other's eyes, no spark 
No glow, no real signs, but we both know 
This is all for show 

Until that sometime, somewhere, 
We could show the world we have each other 
Sometime, somewhere we need not hide out feelings, 
We just keep on believing that we both have the time together 
Sometime and somewhere,our lips would be free at last 
You say the words we've hungered to say 

And we won't have to worry, we smile we won't say sorry 
One look and we have cast our fears aside. 
Sometime, that sometime will turn to forever, for all time. 
Somewhere, our somewhere would not be just one place, 
But everywhere 

Until that sometime, somewhere, 
We just have to be content with stealing glances 
Somehow, content with saying nothing, smiles that are 
Always wanting. Though deep inside it hurts 
Because we know that our love, like love, 
Is what it is, it's what we got 
Our love, like love will have to wait 
Until that sometime, somewhere 

Monday, February 27, 2012


I've read a lot of things about starseeds over the internet and the qualities installed being an individual which really draws my attention if I am really one of them. As part of my awakening process, I did some researches about the signs and symptoms of awakening, and also I found some interesting information about starseeds. It seemed to match some of the qualities I had though, but I'm not yet sure about myself as starseed. It could be a matter of self acceptance after analyzing these things or I would need more guidance from the people who are on the same shoes as mine.

When I was a kid, I love star-gazing and constellation of the stars. I always turn my head up to the sky and look for some of the constellations like Orion, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor with the north star Polaris that I could hardly see  in the sky and the best place you can spot Polaris is while you are in the shore if you are in the Philippines. I was fascinated with the beauty of constellation when I was a child and even read books about some Greek mythology. It was like I was there the moment I look up the sky. And up to this day, I don't miss to see a glimpse of the sky and take a look on the stars at night. And at last, I was able to gaze Polaris or north star in the sky with great glory when I was in Louisiana, U.S.A. three years ago, as it is much precise to see Polaris if you are in the northern hemisphere.

I've been into paranormal realm since I was a kid. I also love stories like dwarfs and fairies, and was interested in UFO. As a high school student, I love magic that I got even bullied and ridiculed by my classmates of the paranormal things I had shown to them.

When I was growing up, I felt like I was different among the siblings. I don't really feel so attach to them and every time we had a reunion in the family circle I never enjoyed each party that we had while my brothers, sister, cousins proactively participate in the games and some of the gift-giving during Christmas and reunions. What I did was to go inside my room, sing or listen to the music while others celebrate the occasion. I felt that I was an outcast or a black sheep as I isolate myself from them most of the time.

In school performance, I hate to do home works and assignments and I just study in a bit in order to pass the subject. I never had a heart in school except that I wanted to be with friends most of the time. I hated the school system so much that I never paid attention to most of my subjects as I felt it was some kinda boring.

During my professional years, I hate orders from the management. I felt some of the rules were unfair and would not benefit the rest of the employees. And I just hate authoritarian even up to this day. And those were the reasons why I never stay long in the corporate world. It's just the schedule sucks as being tied up for eight hours, and felt that most of the supervisors suck. I also remember defending my co-employees, and there was an instance that I put my job in jeopardy as resulted to I almost lose my job defending my friends.

With no doubts, I am sensitive to energies. I am sensitive to noise. I am sensitive to lights, especially in the morning I hate being woke up by the sunlight passing through my window the reason why it is important for me to cover the window with a curtain. I hate to go out in the morning and in the afternoon when the sun is still up as the heat of the sun drains me much more making me weak. And I hate to dress up with polo shirts and long sleeves as my skin is very sensitive enough in the hotness of the sun. I always wear collarless shirts.

I always feel that I have a mission of helping others in any way I can; giving some advices, helping financially if I have an extra, providing jobs, etc. Although I need money, it seems that money is just secondary for me. I helped my family, my kins and I helped some of my peers who needed a job letting them earn much more than what I have earned. No, I've never been greedy in terms of giving out their commissions. But If I was, I could have been a millionaire already.

These are just some of the qualities I had that seemed to match with starseeds as described over the internet, but there are still plenty of them. So I had to expatiate my writings the reason why I did not mention some of the others.

I am not really sure if I am a starseed but one thing for sure, I am experiencing distortion while being in a process of awakening. Seems like I still have lots of things to learn though. Right now I feel so tired, so cold and empty as space, confuse,  and always in a state of lethargy. I lost interest in most cases and in everything I had. It's just I always want to have some vacations to see natures.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Journey to Awakening

For the past few months I've been battling emotional distress and it just started with the breakdown I had when my brother died so untimely. Although it came to pass, but the incident had become a trigger letting me to become more sensitive and emotional as almost all my time was spent in my room. I realized that the issue was no longer about my brother's death as this had partaken me to my spiritual awakening. I've learned its signs and symptoms through the people who have gone through this stage and through the information I have read from the internet. Signs like being so sickly since last year, seeing number prompts like 11:11, 333. etc and having cosmic flu and lately having some symptoms like distortion, emotional ups and downs and increasing my psychic ability.

I welcome my spiritual awakening with open arms and I should accept who I really am. A spec of something better is happening to me. And something that could lead me to greater heights. As this spiritual journey continues, I'm beginning to realize my real purpose on earth but I can't still remember who I am. Sounds weird to others who are quite naive in terms of spirituality. You know the situation is like this: It's not only human beings that are created by our Lord, God. Even myself bounds to become skeptical about these things but the bigger picture has become more tangible in these days when I started to experience the awakening. I can't exactly verbalize these words as I find myself hard to express these things.

But there's another tiara in my head going on in me. My heart and mind opens a lot to things that I didn't really expect to perceive. And one of them is I may be recognizing who my soul mate is. But I'm not really sure about it so I wouldn't ignite this kind of perception about this so-called soul mate thing. Although it's hard to believe and I myself is not a hundred percent believer of this belief and yet sound like I could really see something beyond my control. But I need more confirmation and I need more facts or I should let go of it. And a soul mate is not  always about romantic love.

Lately I deactivated my Facebook account and I know it was a difficult situation to be with as Fb has become part of my life but I need space as lots of things are going on with me. I can truly know that some of the people may have been hurt of my action as they thought I've taken them out from my friend's lists. And I can sense every single moment who's worried and who's hurt as my body can sense this kind energy. Sensitive as I can be, it's like I was punished with the things that I did wrong. But I had to do this because right now something is really confusing me big time. It's my heart and mind that are affected with the situation that I am with right now. But as what I just said I need space, and I want time for myself even without my Facebook account.

Let me go through all these process as the situation is part of my spiritual journey.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Being Sensitive

The situation of being sensitive is really hard because the cravings to get noticed and appreciated has become more necessity as the feelings is more intense for your own need. It's a difficult situation to be with because you always seek their attention in some of the things that you do especially once you are in a state of caring a lot to that special person. You are quite hurt for no apparent reason, it's just because you are being sensitive. And that is you, the real you.

This can possibly become the power of love as being sensitive because you care a lot, love a lot and appreciate every single person's work, and perhaps if not reciprocated, it will hurt you so badly. The key is appreciation when too much gain, it could become addictive.

But what's the panacea to minimize one's sensitivity? I know it's pretty hard even though you don't need a therapy. I believe you have to get rid of the usual things that you do and instead try to focus on something else that would interest you. If you are stuck in your bedroom, try to go out and get some exercises, meet some friends or travel to some destinations. Of course this doesn't have to be expensive, just as long as this can prevent one's sensitivity to occur.

Being sensitive is a part of you and as an installed characteristic, you may tend to become weary, and you can easily be hurt if not being noticed as it also depends on the degree of your sensitivity. Being extreme could drive you even  more crazy.

I am talking about being sensitive in a way that if the things that you do are not appreciated, you become more subtle to suffer from this predicament.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Cost Report in Traveling to Baler, Aurora

Baler, Aurora is a popular place when it comes to surfing. If you are into this endeavor, then Baler is just the right place for you. It is also one of the  best place to those travelers who wish to relax by the sea. Some resorts in Baler are now being developed and you can expect more places to stay in the months to come once you go to Baler. There are several inns available in Baler where you can pay for as low as 400 to500 pesos a day depending on your budget need. You only have to cruise around the place and you will find more affordable inns.

Aliya Surf Resort
But in my case, I checked in to Aliya Surf Resort. The room is quite bigger and is good for 3 persons. It is installed with air-condition and cable T.V. Each room has its own bathroom. The resort has a free wi-fi internet connection, but you have to go outside so you will have a good connection. One of the staffs there said that Aliya Surf Resort is just more than and a half year in operation. On the upper view deck is where the band performs every Friday. There's a garden in the middle of the resort, a hammock and seats to relax facing the shore where you can watch the surfers, the sea or simply indulge yourself to drink some beers, juice or coffee. Check inn time is at 2p.m. and check out is as 12 noon. If you have a budget, this resort is just the right place for you that is worth staying for. Amiable staffs who are always ready to serve you.

Aliya Surf Resort

How to Go to Baler

If you live nearby places in Quezon City, you can go to New York, Edsa, Cubao where Genesis Bus Transport  is just within the vicinity. Traveling time is approximately 6 hours or more. In order for you not to miss the trip, you have to be there as early as 3 or 4 a.m. The last trip is at 7 a.m.

Once you are in Baler, tricycles are available at a cost of 15 pesos only. You'll arrive the beach in 10 minutes time. I believe that the only mode of transportation other than the bus are tricycles.

So here are the summary of the expenses I have incurred in going to Baler, Aurora:

Genesis Bus Transport (2-way at 418 pesos one way)    Php  836
tricycle expenses                                                                      50
Food and drinks                                                                     800
Aliya Surf Resort for 2 days (1500 per day)                           3000

TOTAL EXPENSES:                                                    Php 4686

I have rounded off the amount nearest to the whole number, and as you can see, going to Baler isn't quite expensive but once you are in a group travel, your expenses will be minimized.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Baler, Aurora

I changed my mind few hours before I left the house and I decided to go to Baler, Aurora instead of going to Bicol. That change was too abrupt, haha, the fastest decision I have ever made since traveling have become my integral part. However, it was my first time to go to Baler and that was the major factor I have considered why I proceeded with my Plan B since I've been to some parts of Bicol several times, especially in Pasacao and Naga City.

The bus left at 5a.m. with Genesis Bus Transport located in Cubao, Quezon City for my trip on February 15, 2012. We had 3 stop overs, the first one was in La Paz, Tarlac where the lunch was served in the mini canteen; the second one was in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija where the bus unloaded some of the passengers, and the last one was somewhere in Nueva Ecija and I believe that was the boundary part between Aurora and Nueva Ecija where the bus stopped and alternatively passengers may take some snacks. Quite pissed me off because we stopped more than an hour in Cabanatuan. We could have arrived Baler earlier as the original travel time going to Baler was approximately 6 hours. But the arrival of the bus was delayed for 2 hours.

Tricycles are available in the bus terminal going to the beach resort so the driver took me at Aliya Surf Resort. It was a nice resort though with a clean air-conditioned room good for 3 persons, accommodating staffs who are always ready to assist you for your customer service needs. Quite interestingly, the staff said that this resort was new and had been into operation for a year and a half already and usually celebrities stay in this resort.

So it wasn't a surprise for them when celebrities check in to Aliya Surf Resort and no wonder I met Cherry Pie Picache in this resort. At first I did not notice her for she was wearing sunglasses the time when I asked her a favor to take me a shot using my camera. I was so apologetic as soon as I recognized her, because I didn't really know that the person I asked to get me some shots was a celebrity, hahaha...She was nice though, very warm and she said it was fine for her for that favor. So I also had an opportunity to be with a celebrity in the photo.

The following day, the sunrise photo shoot session disappointed me as the sun did not came out. I did not know if I was in the right location, but the sun was covered by the clouds that unable me to take some few moments of shots of sunrise. Unlike my previous shots where you can watch the sun appears rising in the sky.

It was fiesta in Aurora and I went to the town to get a taste of their delicacies. Since I am a semi-vegetarian already, I hesitated to eat both pork and beef served at Gerry Shan's Place Chinese and Seafood Cuisine. I had calamares with rice and a pineapple juice for a fraction of 115 pesos only. Gerry Shan's is said to be the finest restaurant in Baler, Aurora. I also had their local suman sold in the street.

Below are some of the photos from the day I left Cubao to staying in Baler, Aurora:

Genesis Bus Transport in Edsa, Cubao Terminal


Aliya Surf Resort

Baler is a haven of the surfers in the north

Province of Aurora Fiesta

A finest restaurant in town

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Releasing My Karma

I'm quite conservative in reference to some of the new age beliefs and I may be picky at times when it comes to what I should believe in. No, not all these information that I should give a nod and approve what I've read from the internet. The Holy Bible itself is the basic foundation of my faith and I should always stick to that no matter what. At hindi ako basta-basta naniniwala agad and I'm being quite skeptic most of the time.Being vigilant and keeping an eye to these information that it may not confuse me and jeopardize my faith. I almost change my belief after being bombarded by what I have read from the world wide web. And it's some kinda brain-washing. It's not that I would not think out of the box but I know about the Holy Bible because I used to read it before.

Now I was looking for some information aside from the Bible and in fact I was weighing to what I've read. I can't really conclude that they were wrong but some of the teachings are not really from the Bible. And I respect them on that and I really hate to debate about my stand to what I believe in.

But speaking about karma I do believe in that, and it's even mentioned in the Holy Gospel "for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" (Galatian 6:7-8). And if past lives do really exist, did I already pay my karma in my present life?

I believe so, and some things happen for a reason. I may have paid my karma in this life time because I could see the progress to what I've been doing for the past few years. And it also seemed that I was given a task to do something good in this life time. And I know that moment when Jesus died on the cross, He had already delivered us from our sins and our karma, if we ask for forgiveness.

And I do apologize if this is my opinion and right now, I'm in a state of emotional roller-coaster and I do find myself having a hard time expressing myself in this blog.