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Friday, February 17, 2012

Baler, Aurora

I changed my mind few hours before I left the house and I decided to go to Baler, Aurora instead of going to Bicol. That change was too abrupt, haha, the fastest decision I have ever made since traveling have become my integral part. However, it was my first time to go to Baler and that was the major factor I have considered why I proceeded with my Plan B since I've been to some parts of Bicol several times, especially in Pasacao and Naga City.

The bus left at 5a.m. with Genesis Bus Transport located in Cubao, Quezon City for my trip on February 15, 2012. We had 3 stop overs, the first one was in La Paz, Tarlac where the lunch was served in the mini canteen; the second one was in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija where the bus unloaded some of the passengers, and the last one was somewhere in Nueva Ecija and I believe that was the boundary part between Aurora and Nueva Ecija where the bus stopped and alternatively passengers may take some snacks. Quite pissed me off because we stopped more than an hour in Cabanatuan. We could have arrived Baler earlier as the original travel time going to Baler was approximately 6 hours. But the arrival of the bus was delayed for 2 hours.

Tricycles are available in the bus terminal going to the beach resort so the driver took me at Aliya Surf Resort. It was a nice resort though with a clean air-conditioned room good for 3 persons, accommodating staffs who are always ready to assist you for your customer service needs. Quite interestingly, the staff said that this resort was new and had been into operation for a year and a half already and usually celebrities stay in this resort.

So it wasn't a surprise for them when celebrities check in to Aliya Surf Resort and no wonder I met Cherry Pie Picache in this resort. At first I did not notice her for she was wearing sunglasses the time when I asked her a favor to take me a shot using my camera. I was so apologetic as soon as I recognized her, because I didn't really know that the person I asked to get me some shots was a celebrity, hahaha...She was nice though, very warm and she said it was fine for her for that favor. So I also had an opportunity to be with a celebrity in the photo.

The following day, the sunrise photo shoot session disappointed me as the sun did not came out. I did not know if I was in the right location, but the sun was covered by the clouds that unable me to take some few moments of shots of sunrise. Unlike my previous shots where you can watch the sun appears rising in the sky.

It was fiesta in Aurora and I went to the town to get a taste of their delicacies. Since I am a semi-vegetarian already, I hesitated to eat both pork and beef served at Gerry Shan's Place Chinese and Seafood Cuisine. I had calamares with rice and a pineapple juice for a fraction of 115 pesos only. Gerry Shan's is said to be the finest restaurant in Baler, Aurora. I also had their local suman sold in the street.

Below are some of the photos from the day I left Cubao to staying in Baler, Aurora:

Genesis Bus Transport in Edsa, Cubao Terminal


Aliya Surf Resort

Baler is a haven of the surfers in the north

Province of Aurora Fiesta

A finest restaurant in town

Sameera Chathuranga

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