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Friday, February 24, 2012

Being Sensitive

The situation of being sensitive is really hard because the cravings to get noticed and appreciated has become more necessity as the feelings is more intense for your own need. It's a difficult situation to be with because you always seek their attention in some of the things that you do especially once you are in a state of caring a lot to that special person. You are quite hurt for no apparent reason, it's just because you are being sensitive. And that is you, the real you.

This can possibly become the power of love as being sensitive because you care a lot, love a lot and appreciate every single person's work, and perhaps if not reciprocated, it will hurt you so badly. The key is appreciation when too much gain, it could become addictive.

But what's the panacea to minimize one's sensitivity? I know it's pretty hard even though you don't need a therapy. I believe you have to get rid of the usual things that you do and instead try to focus on something else that would interest you. If you are stuck in your bedroom, try to go out and get some exercises, meet some friends or travel to some destinations. Of course this doesn't have to be expensive, just as long as this can prevent one's sensitivity to occur.

Being sensitive is a part of you and as an installed characteristic, you may tend to become weary, and you can easily be hurt if not being noticed as it also depends on the degree of your sensitivity. Being extreme could drive you even  more crazy.

I am talking about being sensitive in a way that if the things that you do are not appreciated, you become more subtle to suffer from this predicament.

Sameera Chathuranga

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