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Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Journey to Awakening

For the past few months I've been battling emotional distress and it just started with the breakdown I had when my brother died so untimely. Although it came to pass, but the incident had become a trigger letting me to become more sensitive and emotional as almost all my time was spent in my room. I realized that the issue was no longer about my brother's death as this had partaken me to my spiritual awakening. I've learned its signs and symptoms through the people who have gone through this stage and through the information I have read from the internet. Signs like being so sickly since last year, seeing number prompts like 11:11, 333. etc and having cosmic flu and lately having some symptoms like distortion, emotional ups and downs and increasing my psychic ability.

I welcome my spiritual awakening with open arms and I should accept who I really am. A spec of something better is happening to me. And something that could lead me to greater heights. As this spiritual journey continues, I'm beginning to realize my real purpose on earth but I can't still remember who I am. Sounds weird to others who are quite naive in terms of spirituality. You know the situation is like this: It's not only human beings that are created by our Lord, God. Even myself bounds to become skeptical about these things but the bigger picture has become more tangible in these days when I started to experience the awakening. I can't exactly verbalize these words as I find myself hard to express these things.

But there's another tiara in my head going on in me. My heart and mind opens a lot to things that I didn't really expect to perceive. And one of them is I may be recognizing who my soul mate is. But I'm not really sure about it so I wouldn't ignite this kind of perception about this so-called soul mate thing. Although it's hard to believe and I myself is not a hundred percent believer of this belief and yet sound like I could really see something beyond my control. But I need more confirmation and I need more facts or I should let go of it. And a soul mate is not  always about romantic love.

Lately I deactivated my Facebook account and I know it was a difficult situation to be with as Fb has become part of my life but I need space as lots of things are going on with me. I can truly know that some of the people may have been hurt of my action as they thought I've taken them out from my friend's lists. And I can sense every single moment who's worried and who's hurt as my body can sense this kind energy. Sensitive as I can be, it's like I was punished with the things that I did wrong. But I had to do this because right now something is really confusing me big time. It's my heart and mind that are affected with the situation that I am with right now. But as what I just said I need space, and I want time for myself even without my Facebook account.

Let me go through all these process as the situation is part of my spiritual journey.

Sameera Chathuranga

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