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Monday, February 27, 2012


I've read a lot of things about starseeds over the internet and the qualities installed being an individual which really draws my attention if I am really one of them. As part of my awakening process, I did some researches about the signs and symptoms of awakening, and also I found some interesting information about starseeds. It seemed to match some of the qualities I had though, but I'm not yet sure about myself as starseed. It could be a matter of self acceptance after analyzing these things or I would need more guidance from the people who are on the same shoes as mine.

When I was a kid, I love star-gazing and constellation of the stars. I always turn my head up to the sky and look for some of the constellations like Orion, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor with the north star Polaris that I could hardly see  in the sky and the best place you can spot Polaris is while you are in the shore if you are in the Philippines. I was fascinated with the beauty of constellation when I was a child and even read books about some Greek mythology. It was like I was there the moment I look up the sky. And up to this day, I don't miss to see a glimpse of the sky and take a look on the stars at night. And at last, I was able to gaze Polaris or north star in the sky with great glory when I was in Louisiana, U.S.A. three years ago, as it is much precise to see Polaris if you are in the northern hemisphere.

I've been into paranormal realm since I was a kid. I also love stories like dwarfs and fairies, and was interested in UFO. As a high school student, I love magic that I got even bullied and ridiculed by my classmates of the paranormal things I had shown to them.

When I was growing up, I felt like I was different among the siblings. I don't really feel so attach to them and every time we had a reunion in the family circle I never enjoyed each party that we had while my brothers, sister, cousins proactively participate in the games and some of the gift-giving during Christmas and reunions. What I did was to go inside my room, sing or listen to the music while others celebrate the occasion. I felt that I was an outcast or a black sheep as I isolate myself from them most of the time.

In school performance, I hate to do home works and assignments and I just study in a bit in order to pass the subject. I never had a heart in school except that I wanted to be with friends most of the time. I hated the school system so much that I never paid attention to most of my subjects as I felt it was some kinda boring.

During my professional years, I hate orders from the management. I felt some of the rules were unfair and would not benefit the rest of the employees. And I just hate authoritarian even up to this day. And those were the reasons why I never stay long in the corporate world. It's just the schedule sucks as being tied up for eight hours, and felt that most of the supervisors suck. I also remember defending my co-employees, and there was an instance that I put my job in jeopardy as resulted to I almost lose my job defending my friends.

With no doubts, I am sensitive to energies. I am sensitive to noise. I am sensitive to lights, especially in the morning I hate being woke up by the sunlight passing through my window the reason why it is important for me to cover the window with a curtain. I hate to go out in the morning and in the afternoon when the sun is still up as the heat of the sun drains me much more making me weak. And I hate to dress up with polo shirts and long sleeves as my skin is very sensitive enough in the hotness of the sun. I always wear collarless shirts.

I always feel that I have a mission of helping others in any way I can; giving some advices, helping financially if I have an extra, providing jobs, etc. Although I need money, it seems that money is just secondary for me. I helped my family, my kins and I helped some of my peers who needed a job letting them earn much more than what I have earned. No, I've never been greedy in terms of giving out their commissions. But If I was, I could have been a millionaire already.

These are just some of the qualities I had that seemed to match with starseeds as described over the internet, but there are still plenty of them. So I had to expatiate my writings the reason why I did not mention some of the others.

I am not really sure if I am a starseed but one thing for sure, I am experiencing distortion while being in a process of awakening. Seems like I still have lots of things to learn though. Right now I feel so tired, so cold and empty as space, confuse,  and always in a state of lethargy. I lost interest in most cases and in everything I had. It's just I always want to have some vacations to see natures.

Sameera Chathuranga

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