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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sensing their Senses

I feel the intensity of the heat all over my body with emerging rapid heartbeat, and this happens almost everyday. The sensation makes me feel so uncomfortable and it usually accelerates from my face and chest following to my arms and hands. It goes with the state of confusion and it felt like I was completely lost in space. As part of the awakening process, my higher sensitivity to energies had become more intense. I get some advises though, telling me to go with the flow and I remember when I was in Baler, Aurora recently, my friend who happened to be in the Middle East, after confessing to her that I am in the awakening stage the day she called me up, congratulated me for having experienced this process. She advised me to read the book "The Power of Now" since I can learn a lot of experience from the author of this book.

As a sensitive person, Seems that I could perceive some senses, but not far too easy, especially when a person is resonating with me. It's just that I am more prone to receive thoughts and my sensitivity allows me to feel their energy and get to be aware of their wave length. It feels like I get the signal once a mutual energy manifests in convergence to my body. It's just so pretty weird though but I hope not to focus on this at this time. It's like that I was connected to some people that I don't even know what it is. Call it the "unknown" experience.

I've been torn in two things since the awakening stages triggered to myself. The first one is the quest for some information about my experiences via online, and the second one is keeping that awakening process abreast, although I felt uncomfortable with it most of the time.

One reason why I deactivated my Facebook account because I get drained and become sick lately. It never happened to me before in Facebook but it's just that I am becoming more sensitive as the awakening process is currently taking place in me. It's the thought being planted and read about once some people post something in the Facebook wall and if perceive, this have a detrimental effect in my body.  It is similar to what happened to me in 2008 when I got sick and it took me a month to recuperate and recover  from my illness. But I am not burning bridges not to return to Facebook again. I know it could be pretty hard without a Facebook especially when you are extremely hook to it.

So at this time, I'd rather spend my time writing a blog about anything I can think of, including my experience in the spiritual awakening.

Sameera Chathuranga

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