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Friday, March 2, 2012

Things To Keep in Mind When Traveling with Me

I'm not setting the bar high to a person who wishes to go with me in my out of town trip but I have my own guidelines so that traveling will come easy, fun and enjoyable in both ends. My personal guideline is a set of norm that will avoid differences between myself and a person that I go with to spend some time in a preferred travel destination. As a backpacker, It is normal for me to go alone and I got used to it without any companions. I'm not really introvert, it's just that I can truly enjoy traveling with no bonds at all. I have lived with it to be a sole traveler here and abroad, learned so many things and lessons from being a jetsetter. But I don't limit myself to a single slot as 2 to 4 persons sounds good to me. I prefer to go with people who have the same interest as me - photography and nature tripping.  In some cases, I could be picky at times as I have my own reasons why to avoid some dislikes that will most likely spoil the entire trip experience.

As some may like to go somewhere else that they can think of and have a tendency to become indecisive, I find it quite uncomfortable and it may piss me off when lots of decisions and changes are  made by the goers in some point in time.

So here are the following guidelines and if these things are met, you will get a long with me so well:

  1. Should love photography - traveling goes along with some shots and without photography, your traveling experience will not be complete. You must bring your own camera, whether it's a digital camera, mobile phone or dslr, it doesn't really matter to me. Well I am not your personal photographer and one should not expect that I should take you some photos for your own personal gratification. I love photography, I love to take some shots of people, animals and natures as photography is part of me.
  2. Should love nature - One of the reasons why I love to travel because of my degree of interest in nature is extremely high. I love to commune with nature. I love to hear the roaring seas, chirping birds, feel the breeze of the air. A city life can be toxic and the nature heals the stresses incurred from the pollution, the pell-mell of the crowd along the streets and the accelerating cars, jeepneys and buses in the road.
  3. Should love to eat foods - I love to eat most of the time, especially the authentic foods that locals can offer as this reflects their culture according to the delicacies that a place can offer. And usually I don't go to the common food chains found also in Manila.
  4. Must not be a drama king and queen - I do dislike people who are "maarte" and "sosyal" and hearing them say "yuck" irritates my ear. If a person is into drama, he or she'd better go to the movie and go to best inns or hotels in town. I like to be with people who are flexible at any given situation and can adopt to certainties regardless of his or her social status. 
  5. No Romeo and Juliet allowed - If you are traveling with me, you should detach your love affairs in the mean time. I prefer with people who are not into courtship or relationship status. Forget about these things as the situation would only exasperate me seeing them in PDA or public display of affection. I hate romantic gestures. Remember this is not your honeymoon and I'm not your chaperon to assist you with your needs. And I also dislike to see a person texting or calling one's boyfriend or girlfriend from time to time as if they seemed to have no companion at all.
  6. Should be time conscious - To take traveling experience more complete and enjoyable, one should be able to take into account of his/her time. It's not easy when you are ready to leave and your companions are still grooming and choosing their best suits. It's not worth waiting for as this would only consumes our time. Just go to the party and forget about your vacation. 
These are the guidelines that one may keep as norms to experience a high level of excitement in traveling to a certain destination and somehow without leaving your companion in unhappy state. In this way, we can be a better travel buddy.

Sameera Chathuranga

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