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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Biri Island, Northern Samar

This is a continuation of my previous blog about my trip in Northern Samar, starting from the day I left Cubao till my arrival to Allen, Northern Samar.

Once you are in the town of Allen, it is best to leave the place early in the morning going to Lavazares so you can catch up an early motorboat ride. It may take an hour to reach Biri Island from Lavazares.

Motorboat rental from Lavazares to Biri island

Villa Amor Beach Resort
I rented a motorboat to get into Biri Island with a fee of 500 pesos. Biri is a remote place and once you get there, you can't find cars or jeepneys but only motorbikes are available as mode of transportation. The roads are small enough only to accommodate the motorbikes.

motorbike as the only mode of transportation in Biri Island
Kevin as my tour escort in going to the "rock formation".
after walking through a water we passed to a little jungle first before reaching the rock formation
My tour escort with his motorbike guided me to a resort called Villa Amor owned by Mang Domeng and Aling Oning. It's one of the cheapest resort that you can find in Biri Island.

We've planned to visit the "rock formation" which is popular destination in Biri island among the tourists. As explained to me by my tour escort, Kevin, he said that there were two places that we can visit and both formations are must see once you are in the island. So we decided to go first at Bil-at in the morning, and  Magasang in the afternoon. Both are part of Baranggay Talisay.

The Rock Formation in Bil-at

after passing the little jungle, you will be surprised to see the hidden treasure of Biri at Bil-at
Visiting Bil-at was done in the morning after my arrival in Biri Island. We decided to take this course while the owner of Villa Amor was still busy preparing for my room. Going to Baranggay Talisay should go a ride with a motorbike.

at the top of the rock formation

one of my favorite spots in Bil-at
To see the rock formation in Bil-at, you need to walk into the water for about 30 minutes to reach the edge where the formation of the rocks are located. Chances are, the right timing should commence because once it is high tide, the level of water reaches into your chest which makes it hard to go to the rock formation. It's a bliss once you've gotten into this place. It's taciturnity makes the place become magical and blissful, especially if you climb the top of the rock.

The Rock Formation in Magasang

passing through a water to reach the rock in Magasang
We have gone back to Villa Amor resort and took lunch as my bedroom was ready to be occupied so I placed my bags in the room and took a nap. We resumed the next destination in the after as I directed my tour escort to fetch me up by 1 p.m..

Magasang is not as far as Bil-at but with comparison how easy it was to cruise the place, Going to Magasang is easier as the rock formation would only take a few minutes compared to my trip in Bel-at. You only have to walk by water in just a few minutes but on its path are stones which keeps the pace slow because it is slippery and need to have careful steps. My escort guided me all the way to the isolated rock island and as I was fast approaching it made my heart beat so faster because anytime if not being careful with my step I might injured myself once I slide down.
A magical experience once you've reached the top of the rock

We've completed our tour by 3p.m. and decided to go back to the villa to have some snack and my tour escort left the place after taking his snack.

The tour in Biri was truly enchanting and magical and made me wonder the lessons I have learned during my entire trip in the island. God was truly perfect with his creation and learning to appreciate the beauty of nature is learning to love His creation.

Sameera Chathuranga

3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

I would recommend Biri Resort and Dive Center as the best place to stay in Biri. The rooms are better than Villa Amor and there are various levels to choose from. The owner Richard is a great and friendly guy too!

john said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your recommendation. This is noted so the next time around, I will try this out.

Thanks and regards,


peter montgomery said...

hi anoymous

my first comment is why not leave your name or are you richard " the great and friendly guy "
secondly biri resort does not have access to the ocean , just in case on a hot day you may like to have a swim , snorkel , ride a stand up paddle board , surf etc .
rooms - how do you know the rooms are inferior at villa amor ???
one thing for sure , most guests stay at villa amor after inspecting both establishments .
price - villa amor is cheaper , and has much more to offer the customer eg - great rooftop bar and views , bar and restaurant , free stand up paddle board use for guests , beautiful grounds , ocean access on the odd hot day !free snorkels and mask use and so on .

thanks john for your custom and visiting biri island .

signed peter montgomery