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Sunday, June 24, 2012

From Dipolog City to Cebu City

My sister in law invited me to attend the 50th wedding anniversary of her parents on June 16, 2012. I took the plane in the morning via Cebu Pacific and I was surprised that all local flights are now in Terminal 3, which used to be the house of the international flights.

The flight got delayed and arrived in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte past two in the afternoon. I was fetched by my sister in law and my brother and took me to my in law's home where I stayed for 2 nights.

I covered the wedding event the following day, July 17 where I took the shots there. The night came, my brother took me to the bay area where we had some chicken barbecues.

My brother had to go home in Cebu the following day so I decided to go with him to glance Cebu. As early as 5:30 am on July 18, we left Dipolog City by his car, and proceeded to Dapitan City where the port is located going to Bato, Cebu. It was a 4 hour ferry ride and the car left and we went to Cebu City where he had to attend the meeting, before proceeding to Bogo City where he used to live.

A glimpse of Santander, Cebu

It was like we had a road trip, from the port in Bato in Santander, few hours later we had lunch to one of the town which I forgot the name of the place, but we also had a stop over in Carcar, Cebu. Carcar is best known for crispy chicharon. Then few hours later we've reached Cebu City.

Carcar, Cebu is best known for crispy chicharon

We left Cebu City at around 6pm and we had dinner in the town of Danao, Cebu.

My brother had two bodyguards. And didn't want me to go places without the bodyguards, haha..and he may be overprotective..hehehe...But that was absolutely okay for me..I know now how it feels to have a bodyguard.

We arrived Bogo City past 9p.m and stayed at the former mayor's place. Actually he was with us in the car from Cebu City where my brother fetched him up before leaving the city.

On July 19, we packed up at 11am to go to Mactan Airport for the plane leaves at 4pm in the afternoon. I was with the former mayor in the airport going to Manila via Zest Air.

My stint in Cebu was really short, for it was only an overnight stay. By August, as soon as my brother arrives from the U.S. I will be back there in Cebu and this time around, it would be a pure vacation.

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Spiritual Awakening Experience (series)

Today is the first day of June and my birthday comes close..hehe..and my birthday wish? I really don’t have any specific idea that I can think of as of this time although I really wanted to go to Cambodia as one of my wish lists. Perhaps I’m a person, just like the others who will bring out the best in me as I always thought which of these ideas would better fit me in. I was always indecisive as my mind fickle to let these things passed over me. As I’ve always said, in everything I do, I always put my best foot forward.

I became inactive writing a blog in the month of May as I went back to studies and it’s nice to see some of my classmates in school where I’m taking up Information Technology. And perhaps one of the reasons why I did not write a lot is because some of my travel plans did not materialize and it is through my traveling experience where my writing source comes from.

A few months back, my self-esteem was so low for the reason that our eldest brother passed away due to stroke. It was one of the saddest moments in our family after our mother died in 2006. The untimely death of my brother triggered me to become depressed and at the same time my business as my source of income was not doing well due the U.S. recession as U.S. was our main market and we were into the ads specialties industries through e-commerce.

People in the realm of spirituality could relate to my experience as my spiritual awakening started about 6 months ago, after my brother died. The death of my brother has become a trigger and during the darkest night of my soul, I spent most of my time in my room. The signs and symptoms of my spiritual awakening are present and I could hardly endure of my situation. In the course of this eventuality, I've been hooked most of the time researching in the internet trying to figure out what was really going on with me and the remedies that could help me face the situation.

I thought I was just only depressed because of death in the family. And I thought because of the situation of my sole income source in e-commerce. But there were more than that.

Let me continue my experience of awakening in my next post.