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Thursday, August 16, 2012

With A Smile

Well I guess I don't have anything to write in my blog at this time. I do not have any travel schedule which allows me to update my site. Travel might resume either September or October. Anyway it's rainy season that's why I rarely go travel during this time. Since I am not busy, I did some recordings just to fill up my vacant days and actually I started recording since the start of this year. But now I have more than 40 songs recorded and posted in my YouTube account.

One of my few favorite song and actually this has been my favorite since then. A song popularized by Eraserheads was "With A Smile". I love the melody and the message of the song. This song also serves as my personal advice to myself..The song advises me to smile in times when problems arise. When I'm sad and need someone to comfort me. When I'm depressed it serves as a personal message to myself. I always listen to this song every time I have some problems and thing go wrong along the way.

Now I just finished recorded this song, I did the recording, the back up singing, the mixing, editing the video and uploading at YouTube and my Facebook account. To those who see this message, I hope you like my version/rendition of "With A Smile". Thank you for listening.

Sameera Chathuranga

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