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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still Hoping For The Good Things to Come This Year

Since the start of the year 2012 served so much of emotional baggage in my life. Almost everything was a rough sailing, hoping that things will be alright soon. That was the beginning of my frequent travels I made to the provinces in hopes that this could relieve my emotional ups and downs I had, even just for temporary basis only.  It helped though, even just for a while but as soon as I get home soon, then again would feel the same predicament. I was advised to go with the flow for everything will be alright soon. This was their experience too, to those who have been in the realm of awakening. To those who were not on my shoes would mistaken me as having experienced a depression. Possibly yes as the lead source may have started from the recent passing away of my brother and the gap between my father, mother and brother was not too long. Perhaps that could be the trigger of my awakening.

My spiritual awakening was inevitable though, and I started googling about the signs and symptoms as this was synonymous to ascension process. I had read a lot of information and the possible remedies it could bring me on while experiencing this stage. The path to my awakening had started July of 2011 when I started seeing sequence of numbers in the clocks, plate numbers, billboards and so forth. So I started to wonder why and was looking for that solution. I had a dream in the beginning of the year about a tidal wave was hitting me and it just really made cry as I was a survivor in my dream. So this was the beginning of my outburst..literally it happened. So I had no choice but to travel and that was the purpose why I rusticated in the countryside.

I also felt a present connection that I could not really understand it and intensely it was heating my chest concomitantly with both of my physical and mental status. And I had the propensity to lose my self anytime but still had a high hope that it will be over soon.

The start of the year up and to this point did not really serve me something good and the emotional breakdown that I had suffered was evidently countless. You can tell on my face by seeing my eye bugs grow. And forget about the physical pain for I can endure but not with my emotions.

The year is about to end we have less than three months left before the beginning of a new year, but I hope I can get a good one, even just one good thing to happen in me and I deserve to be happy at this point.

I had so much pains and unexpected turn of events happened to me now and I cry for help and care that I needed most at this point, something I could lean on in the midst of my emotional crises. And I know someone out there will be there for me.

Sameera Chathuranga

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