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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Great Powers Come Great Responsibility

I couldn't imagine how time flies away so fast and since we are in the month of November, it's so easy that one can think that we are approaching the yuletide season and then following shortly is new year. The mystery of days and nights leave the people to wonder how and why time happens so fast that they may even forget what is the date in the day. Then we can always acknowledge when the days passed by, for it can remain as part of the past people will always remember. This is how the yearning is created and mold like a pot of clay which lets us recall the days in our lives and how we've longed for each moment as every our memory flashes in our mind. We tried to acknowledge what the past could bring of joy and sadness, and maybe apply every single mistake in our present situation.

It can't be denied that there's always a beauty in each moment in our lives, whether things you have experienced may be good, bad and even ugly. More importantly is the lessons we have learned from our  yesterdays. And we are shape up through our journey preparing us to become a better human being.

Just a few hours ago, I posted in my Facebook wall with this message "Stages of awakening brings out the good, the bad and the ugly in me...but any of these three doesn't make me a lesser person but more human with substance." I didn't post this message just for my own praises, but this is basically because of my experience being in a realm of awakening. And that experience of mine was undeniable, for it reflects things that happened to me in every single situation. The emotional turbulence and imbalances which led me to question a lot of things in mind. We had the good and the bad that we can't have one without the others, and the ugly things I have partaken during the course of my awakening period. That message was also a personal note to myself of who I am, and how I perceived my condition as lessons being learned in my life.

Each one of us have our own story to tell, as far as awakening is concerned, and it could differ from person to person. In the process, we learn so many things, some valuable lessons that once you put it in your heart, you'll become a better person through changes. The situation affects my relationship towards one another and in this way I can truly understand how to appreciate small things as you and me.

Spirituality is power. And I remember a quote from the movie Spiderman, "Great power comes great responsibility". The notion can also be much of one's responsibility. And in one aspect, my logical mind tried to ask so many questions as my experience in spirituality widens my expectations as my heart rants, "Where are the so-called enlightened one? Where are those who propagate oneness? Why can't they help someone like me who is in trouble. Where are these online people who rally every aspect of spirituality? And why am I having a hard time to reach them out? Is their spirituality embodiment only for show?"

And that questions I had could lead to a blame game and could have troubled me a lot. These are just part of my questionings in the past although I couldn't be blamed for being emotional, because I had my expectations that someone up there would be sincere enough to help me get up, but only few people that I know who came to the rescue and support me. I wouldn't refer this to people who are not in the same realm because they wouldn't really know about my awakening experience.

That time, I have felt there was still an ego running to some spiritual people, although not all of them. And that time I felt that I was an outcast that some people I've looked up to couldn't do their task to reach out. I felt I was overlooked attempting to get their attention to people who I was supposed to spiritually connected with. I was like an angel who doesn't fit to some group of angels, or a soul who doesn't belong to a soul group and that is why and I felt like some of them didn't put aside their ego just to help one soul in their neighbor.

Never mind if he or she isn't part of your group and put aside ego just to help someone who have fallen into pit of darkness.

And  indeed, the truest form of spirituality is the power to reach out those who are awakening and we know that awakening is such a difficult situation to be with. It needs support from the people within, someone to guide them and care without any hesitation to assist both physical and emotional. Not only to nurture them with some information which can be googled by any of the individual. Someone who can be tangible in times that we need comfort.

Sameera Chathuranga

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