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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Loving My Passion Even More

I just had my camera back yesterday with no clear idea how it happened. That means I'm into my passion of taking photos once again and the difference is that, I have more love to it, seems like I was starting all over again and the love to my passion has grown deeper subsiding some of my negativity and emotional stress. I guess I am happy what God has brought back for me. Somewhere out there, His angels are working on and they were just there once they saw my heart cry. I was like a child, so spoiled and when I couldn't get the things that I really wanted until my cry convinces God to give me what my heart was ranting. You know when the baby cries because he wanted to drink milk convincing his mother to give him a bottle of milk. God, His instinct tells Him it's time to reach out once His Children cry too much for help. And we are the children of God.

MRT Station, Gateway Mall Cubao using my Nokia Lumia phone
Without my camera was an anguish for me, for it took me 5 months to wait and how I'd realized it was too painful when you are deprived from your passion because you were bound to giving in something that you didn't expect to happen. And we know how expensive the cameras are, and you know you can't really get them overnight if you don't have much cash, especially when these cameras are high end one. But it's not about the price, it's about your passion burning inside your heart. And God knows when your heart speak out that when you are in trouble, for we came from the very heart of God. If you are speaking from the heart, people can relate to what you are saying. It is also the same thing when you are singing. Of course it's easy to sing some songs, but if you are singing from your heart, people can relate to the message of the song, on the basis of how you sing it. So God knows when and where He is ready to reach out His heart to the people crying in anguish. As long as you are honest, sincere, true and unconditionally extend your hand to others, God manifests your desire when it is time. And you can't demand right away. It won't happen overnight but He knows what, when, where and how He is going to manifest things for us. Our cries open door if you know your strength of being who you are, being with yourself and being positive.

And that was the clarity of my desire, for God knows out of my passion was love, that love on my passion has grown deeper. It never ages, and the connection that I had has become stronger and through this passion of mine, the core has come closer to the heart of God. Loving our passion is a test for all of us, for it measures how we can learn to love unconditionally.

Sameera Chathuranga

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