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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Boracay Experience

Going to Boracay was never been one of my few favorite tourist spots that I would want to visit. But as this jewel island was considered as one of the best beaches in the world, my head turned on to this tourist destination the moment I had invitation to visit the place and cover the event for TVI Express. The original plan was to get there to take some photo shots for White Sands and Aqua Sports, but I nodded my head with excitement as soon as I was offered as an official photographer for TVI Express. Compared to my previous travels which was purely a leisure experience, going to Boracay was a job that I was so happy in doing the course.

The event took place in November 16 to 18, 2012.

At the Manila Domestic Airport in Pasay bound Aklan
A newly built Crown Regency in Boracay
We met up early as 5 p.m. in Pasay at Domestic Airport via Zest Air bound for Aklan, There were more than 50 delegates participating in the leadership training event organized by TVI Exoress. I was the official photographer in that event and meeting Life and Business Coach Clarissa Calingasan was a pleasure. We had a short conversation upon introducing herself she organized the business in the Philippines. Just to give an overview about TVI, it was launched in the Philippines 2 years ago. It is a global network company specializing in travel and leisure. Three years ago, someone from Australia invited me to join the company but due to I was focused om my business, I have declined to join company.

We arrived Caticlan at noon time where we had a boat ride to Boracay Island. The delegates official hotel was Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center, a newly-built 5 star hotel opened last August 2012. I checked in at room 218 and immediately we took lunch at Fabulous Fifteen Cafe and the motif of the cafe was some of collectible items displayed in the place including photos and ads from the past.

Getting ready for that speed boat ride with some of the delegates

After taking lunch the delegates were set to their first experience where they had to "feel" the place by riding White Sand's speed boat taking them for swimming and later in the afternoon some delegates went for the flyfish ride.

At the Puka Beach where the delegates were taken by the speed boat

The delegates had training with Life and Business Coach Clarissa Calingasan at night.

On the second day, the activity began as early as 6 a.m. at station 1 of the beach in Pearl of the Pacific resuming the leadership training and fun games.

Then the delegates went back to the hotel and the training resumes in the conference hall.

I had dinner with the travel team at the D-Mall down the beach which obviously the restaurant serves sea foods. We had a short walk until we reached the hotel.
Dinner at the seaside in D Mall

On the third day, I went to the station again for an early coverage of their activities. Ending the training, they had free time swimming.
The delegates had a free time for swimming after the event

The delegates packed up at 9:30 a.m. after taking the breakfast and awards were given by Clarissa Calingasan to individuals.

When We reached the Kalibo Airport, there was a long queue of people checking in for their flight. The airport was small enough to accommodate passengers waiting for their flight as the airport had also international flights.

We arrived Pasay around 7 p.m. as usual our flight got delayed. Me and my travel team had dinner at Mcdonald's in Resort World, before parting ways.

Sameera Chathuranga

4 Responses So Far:

Zoe Mei Resort, Boracay said...

It is truly a great opportunity to visit the island and to become an official photographer of this wonderful event. I think that sounds fun. Thanks for sharing your Boracay experience.

john said...

Yes that was my first time in Boracay. I had so much fun there and I want to go back there soon. Thank you.



Kit @ hotel in Boracay said...

Whatever the reasons why you are in Boracay, you will surely enjoy your time there. I was also amazed with the beauty of Boracay on my first visit. I so love it and I would love to keep coming back to Boracay.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is the right place to address this: It's a shame that the autorities on Boracay do nothing about the hundreds of dogs being (and therefore shitting and pissing) on White Sand beach. The idea that I as a tourist cannot avoid to step in or even lay on dog's shit and pee when sunbathing beachfront is absolutely disgusting and make me think of spending my vacation elsewhere. If Boracay wants to remain a tourist attraction, I would expect the authorities to lock away / put to sleep the hundreds of stray dogs on the island and start to heavily fine the numerous dog owners who walks their dogs beachfront making this once beautiful beach a big dog toilet !