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Friday, December 21, 2012

Following My Own Self

It's December 21, 2012 or 12/21/12. I don't think about this date as the end of the world, end of the 26,000 cycle, the Mayan Calendar or anything  related to this date whether it is phenomena, mystical, metaphysical or spiritual. What I think about is CHRISTMAS, haha, that's 4 days left in the room whereas we celebrate this yuletide season with our family or loved ones. So what's in store for me this coming December 25? I guess it's the same thing that I did during the last Christmases.

If there's something that I think about is my spiritual journey and I know that being in this realm is full of spiritual tsunami. I get a lot of emotional ups and downs this year, my dreams are becoming more vivid as some times it tells about what is going to happen. I think about crossing the borderline and walking the path till I reach the end of the line. Wave of emotions, this is what I am experiencing every day in my life since the beginning of the year and it was really really hard to cope up and stop all these chaos.

Life for me is a roller-coaster, and I am still learning a lot to become more resilient, preserve my values, to learn what I should ought to learn and to know about myself truly, learning how to trust my instinct and learn more about God. I guess both religion and spirituality doesn't have to do with my own personal belief, because I have my own that I don't follow everything when it comes to religion and spirituality.

I don't follow traditional spirituality and I don't really believe in everything that I read whether it's in the book or information that I gather from the internet. I follow my own self, my heart and my instinct and free from anything that I read. And I am not too much when it comes to what you call esoteric realm that can somehow be profound and some I found it too weird already. God made everything simple in this world. Just believe in God, Jesus as the only Saviour, do good to humans. Just  KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) And you don't need to know this so called "Forbidden Knowledge". Just find God in your heart and that's it! As far as religion is concerned, I don't have to follow traditions, I don't have to go church every Sunday and everything that is said and imposed by any religious belief. But I detach myself from stereotyping and perceiving some people in the same realm as one box. And that I respect what they believe in.

And lastly, I work for my own growth and was hoping that everything happened to me is going to be over soon. It's not easy to take that spiritual journey as Dark Night of the Soul comes along, and it does consume me emotionally and physically.

Sameera Chathuranga

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