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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Paying Attention To The Signs

At first, I never believe on signs that much, unlike synchronicity that paves away things that happened in me. I believe what happened to me before after my mother passed away was a form of synchronicity providing me some basic tools to start my e-commerce business more than 5 years ago. It took me a year to plan ahead before my business came into form, and that was the time when my mother was suffering an ordeal which the lead cause of her death was due to rectal cancer. But I was already aware what signs are all about but not too much about it. I believe everything happened before was the universe were so generous giving me something I never had before.

Just this year alone, while in the spiritual awakening realm, it seemed that I was led to paying attention to the signs. I googled a lot about it and how the universe gives information to something that you have no idea what was all about it. Those were the signs when one is experiencing a spiritual awakening which lets me to believe more to pay attention to it. I was also led to when I ask for some confirmation, it did really work although there were some cases I was bombarded by the signs from the universe that I should trust my intuition and not to ignore it, but rather believe more about it.

It might be a little bit scary though, and it was like when you tell the people about your experience, chances are they would never believe in you.

The signs are really something that we should pay attention to, for it does the work to support what you think you would need to know about things wrapping around you but with this guidance, you get confirmations with the questions you wanted to know about. The situation may vary depending on one circumstances and experience.

Bur I had mine that I couldn't just resist to believe. It just works!

Sameera Chathuranga

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