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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Talim Island in Binangonan

Yesterday, getting to Talim Island was a surprised plan, although two days ago I was supposed to go there but due to bad weather I decided to cancel the plan. I was clueless though what is in store in that island although I made some few researches on the internet. But about a year ago, I was in Libis, Binangonan where the port is located going to Talim and that gave me an insight about the razor-shaped island. I did not take the map seriously from the internet that I did research to, but both gave me some insights about the island.

So it was a pleasant surprise that I made yesterday going to the island and upon the arrival at the port in Libis there were couple of motorboats berthing in the port waiting for passengers. I did asked the people out there about Talim and where the popular Tagapo peak was located in Baranggay Janosa, a quite popular climbing place to some mountaineers. From the blog that I read on the internet, you can see the overview of Ortigas Center and Makati skyline once you have reached the peak. I was quite confused about Tagapo where I asked some locals where it is situated since a lot of motorboats are available off to different .

Going to Talim is over an hour motorboat ride, so I arrived later in the afternoon and already quite impossible to get into the top of the mountain. Motorboats have a trip schedules so I don't think that I would be able to make it in Tagapo. I bumped with a tour guide in Talim so he told me everything about hiking in Tagapo.

Although my stay in Talim was just a couple of hours, I did enjoy the place and took some photos of the place. The next time around would be more interesting since I would be doing a mountain climbing in Tagapo  peak.

Sameera Chathuranga

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Anonymous said...

I'm from janosa talim iSLAND