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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Dark Night of the Soul And Spiritual Awakening

I am in the process of reading a book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle borrowed from a friend, my Tita Irene who left before she went to Oman. This book has been suggested for me since February 2012 when she called me up as I was spending my time in Baler, Aurora to find myself. To some people who have not known I have been going through, I have been in the spiritual path for over a year now as I experience a dark night of the soul in a present moment. Prior to experiencing this, there were signs already associated with it that was inevitable, like seeing number sequences everywhere such as 11:11, 111, 222, etc. Not only limited to the numbers, had also some dream occurrences, symbols, etc that my logical mind could not comprehend. Since I've been into researches, according to the information I have gathered, it is a sign of spiritual awakening, but I have also come across to reading that 11:11 as a proof positive of meeting a soul connection like twin flame. However my focus is not on the twin flame concept although it may possibly be a part of the awakening process. My focus is not on this but on my own spiritual growth.

As I do some of the researches, I have come across to this site www.eckharttolle.com to shed light also and verify that I have indeed experienced the dark night of the soul, although I knew the fact that I was experiencing this, prior to reading the book and coming to this site. There were lots of synchronicity though which led me to get a lot of information about my awakening experience.

I wouldn't give much details about my journey, but to cut the story short, it is the heart, my inner knowing that I have all of these signs. Dark night of the soul is a process before coming to union with God, a calling, a phase of a person's spiritual life marked by a sense of loneliness, detachment, finding yourself and becoming aware of the true nature of who you are. It is a part of one soul's purification that the heart becomes resilient to achieve strength in one's spiritual journey. It is not a depression, but it is associated with some of the inevitable incident triggered by a human experience that life becomes meaningless and of what you have built in life for some reason collapses. Each person has a unique experience though but this is just one of the instance of experiencing dark night of the soul. Tragic incidents or death of loved one are some of these factors that may trigger the experience.

Only few people can relate or understand to this experience of what you are going through, and perhaps the people who have gone through this phase are the ones who have the high level of understanding.

I'm just wondering, the people who are in the spiritual path are also undergoing this process which I am not really sure of, although everyone's experience is unique. But one thing I have learned through this phase, some of the people like the guru, spiritual leaders known or unknown had experienced this stage.

Sometimes, I was also wondering if some of the people in the spiritual realm could relate and understand my experience because I feel that some of them doesn't have the quite initiative to guide me on my path, it was like I am on my own, in spite of their propagation about spirituality. Anything seems to be restricted, keeping distance and full of hesitation to help from the "like-minded" people. And I couldn't get the benefit of "great powers come great responsibility" concept. I don't want to sound radical, and I can't be blame for that since I was seeking people who have the same experience. It was quite empty, it is easy to say and propagate spiritual path but seems so hard to do one's service to assist people experiencing the same path. Or maybe because of my expectation towards the people who have the high level of understanding, with the moral act that they project to the people.

And how many spiritual people who have the initiative to read my writing n the same way that they read the post of the people who they are closed with and later on would deal the compliment. But I guess what, only few. I don't know what the variables and criteria are and what spiritual people think about it why some of them has the reservation in doing so. I guess I'm just too good not to hesitate to read their writings too. Because maybe I know how to listen and maybe because I can relate to the "like minded" people in spite of my laziness to read such articles. But I have some people close to me who have the same sentiments as mine.

But at the end of the day, I could realize that I know it is only me, not everyone else who can best understand what I was going through and focus on my growth as I experience dark night of the soul in my journey.

And right now through finding my true self I have loved more to concentrate on my passion which is photography and music which helps me in my path because loving my passion  is so unconditional and ego-free situation because I was thinking of my growth, trying to understand myself more of who I am in m present situation.

Sameera Chathuranga

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