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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Experiencing The Dark Night Of The Soul

A Dark Night of the Soul is a process before coming to union with God, a calling, a phase of a person's spiritual life marked by a sense of loneliness, detachment, finding yourself and becoming aware of the true nature of who you are. It is a part of one soul's purification that the heart becomes resilient to achieve strength in one's spiritual journey. It is not a depression, but it is associated with some of the inevitable incident triggered by a human experience that life becomes meaningless and of what you have built in life for some reason collapses. Each person has a unique experience though but this is just one of the instance of experiencing dark night of the soul. Tragic incidents or death of loved ones are some of these contributing factors that may trigger the experience.

When you experience dark night of the soul, a person's false self is dying and it can occur at any point in one's life. This comes along the seeking of spiritual knowledge that is leading to one's growth. You will be in the dark but as the person is on this inevitable stage, he or she may not be able to appreciate the beauty that the dark may bring to one's life. There is light indeed, and that is the flame that sparks within one's heart. As you are in the dark, this molds you to become your true self when the ego dies in you. In the dark where you pass the tunnel is you can see the light of hope at the end of the tunnel. And outside awaits the seeker a blissful experience of happiness.

Yes It is possible for anyone to experience such stage and it may happen anytime soon. Some explainable condition varies depending what the people have gone through in this life and you will not be able to alter the state of being in that situation, but self acceptance is more appropriate enough to be able to attain the finality of such phase. 

Many of the spiritual people suggest to raise your vibration, become happy, go with the flow, give unconditional love, meditate the light as comfort zones, but these things will be less important unless one could possibly be more open-minded what goodness that the dark could bring. Yes it could lessen the burden but it is a temporarily relief.

In the course of my journey, I have never been in the light yet as I am still in my present moment experiencing the dark night of the soul. But my faith would keep me free from that experience and will be able to see the light in the darkness. As the energy of pain's so intense, the happiness and sadness are both to the extremes. 

It is the opening of my heart that expands to receive the Divine Love to self realization that lingers through my journey. And In my journey isolation is required that I have to do nothing but to let it flow...I wouldn't deny such dark night of the soul, because the more state of self denial I would is the more it prolongs the process. I tried to accept the fact that I am being able to receive such gift of this in spite that the experience was so intense, the emotional pain and sadness resting in my heart in the moment seemed to still remain  I tried to resist my condition but it's just that I  really couldn't and there's no more going back to my old self that illusion of me covered by my ego. The people of the same shoes as mine know how hard it is to be in this phase where all their adversities seemed to have been recalled as part of one's purification. The sentiments, the longingness, yearnings, and everything in life that seemed to fall apart and these are just part of this process that a person may have gone through the dark night of the soul.


Sameera Chathuranga

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