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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feeling Down...

This is my last post for the month of February as we have finally reach March which is basically the beginning  of summer. When it comes to my travel plans, I have lied low after the Boracay travel in November 2012, which the destination was more into sponsorship to cover the event as the official photographer for the company. Except that I did some nearby destinations like Angono and Binangonan, Rizal. For some reasons I had to put aside the plan of traveling to the provinces. But the place I wanted to go back this summer is to go to Marinduque which traditionally I was doing it for it happened that it was Holy Week that I had to be there for the Moriones Festival.

Yesterday was quite tough for me since I had to deal with my emotions. I felt so down and sad that I really couldn't understand this feeling which I thought I was alright, yet something in my heart was really bothering me. So uncomfortable that I had to suppress what my heart was ranting about. Sometimes I wonder that I may be dealing with someone's emotion or maybe I have been an emphatic lately which I am not really sure of. It was hard that I needed to overcome it that I really just couldn't. This emotional pain I had faced today that I closed my eyes and asked my guardian angel to cut the cord of my sudden burst of emotions. I had to deal with this everyday that I never used to it since it hit me off last year.

I hope I'm feeling fine and would be able to suppress this emotional pain, aside from the physical. So I ask God to help me. 

Sameera Chathuranga

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