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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life Lessons We Learn From Another Soul

About 5 years ago, I had a dream with this person that I'd been working with in the business perspective. In my dream I heard this person saying, "I'll be the lead source of your failure." The dream was so vivid that I could remember every detail that this person was saying when the moment I wake up, until this present time it never faded from my head. So unforgettable that I knew what would gonna happen in the business side soon. I would not mention this person's name to protect his/her identity. And to cut the story short, 5 years later something really happened bad to my business endeavor as it slides down to the ground after fighting to win over the economic melt down. We had arguments until this person decided to leave me with great responsibility on my shoulder. I wouldn't go into details what really happened between us but when you read between the lines, the business had to be set aside as everything went into rough sailing.

So that's what happened 5 years after dreaming of something bad was about to transpire, aside from the other experiences I had as part of my spiritual journey.

Few months later after we parted ways, I had another dream about this person, that I met this person again and this time, our conversation went smooth that the person talked to me in a nice manner. I just could't remember what this person was saying about, but it seemed we had settled our disputes nicely, that in my dream I have forgiven the person despite of what happened between us. And when I wake up from my dream time, I felt light, and free from any grievances.

And to those who are in the same spiritual path, they can understand easily that our souls meet and talk in dreams. That the souls in human form coming into our lives teach us the lessons to learn and grow as we evolve as human beings. Without these experiences, life is dull and unchallenging, and life has no meaning and purpose at all. In that way, this makes our hearts resilients and purifies us until such time we are now ready to fulfill our missions, if we are bound to walk through with our missions. We as human beings have different journey and when we walk through the shadows of darkness, we meet people and some will give us supports and some will be the catalyst for our growth.

Back to my dreams about this person, in 5 years I had learned so much and realized that this was part of a plan that the Source was giving me. That the second dream I had with this person I would presume upon meeting in another dimension means that the person's mission for me has been fulfilled as this person acted as the catalyst for my growth. Our souls had twice met and the first meeting conveys that it is the person's mission to act as my catalyst for my growth in this department as what happened to me heavied my responsibility that I've been carrying up to this moment.

I can now understand why things were meant to happen, that everything happens for a reason. It is something that we can learn about, if we put these things into another perspective. The ego-based business I had to put into shelf that I had to concentrate what my real passion is. In this way we are waking up to our trueself, that we can never escape from who we are. That God is the Source, and that we can learn how to forgive and forget, put aside the ego that we were covered for ages in this world and experience healing as we set to walk the path towards perfection.

Sameera Chathuranga

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