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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Warning Signs

You wouldn't probably notice how time flies so fast especially when you are busy on your activities that you could not even notice it, whether you are employed, a business person or you are on rusticating from place to place. Even a not so busy person like me, in spite of the boredom could easily realize how time is running fast and everything that we experience today,   is a book of page that has been turned to another page of tomorrow. Everything changes dramatically without even noticing it. And anything that we achieve tomorrow is just the result of what we have worked on from yesterday.

 But what if you realized that everything did not fall into proper places? All that has been worked out in the past together with your vision seemed to fail? And you seemed to wonder what happened to the efforts that you did yesterday and all the resources that you have, has been diminished by these uncertainties? For anything that you value is not a guarantee that it will stay forever. So with the subsequent facets, there's no assurance you can assess that it's going to last. Depending of one's variable of circumstances, pointing fingers could possibly happen that is fueled by these uncertainties among the people who are sailing on the same boat.

Life indeed has two faces. For instance like the good and the bad that one could encounter in the cycle. But the one that falls in the below is the one that most likely could suffer anything  and you may find yourself taking the bull by the horns. 

The elements of surprise could happen to anyone, without giving you some ideas when it's gonna happen and whether you are prepared or not, but warning signs may be positive proof that things will be inevitable to happen. You may not even notice it that the Universe is giving you.

Take note of these signs that the Universe is giving you and ask for a guidance if you can, something that we always taken for granted without listening to our inner guidance. Sometimes the signs may come in your dreams that is why is is very important to take notice of your dreams. This is also a time to remember that our angels are there to help us, and sometimes the only thing that hinders us is we may have forgotten to ask for a call.

Sameera Chathuranga

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