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Friday, March 8, 2013

Choosing The Path

Do you really need to choose the path so you can make it right and reach the right direction? Probably this could be one of your questions, or let's say my question too. I've been hearing a lot about choosing the right path that you may walk through, either you go right or you go left. But no matter what you have chosen, you will always reach your destination.

Life is a test though, and everything that we do is part of the learning. Without these learning we will not grow and evolve as a human. The path that you may have partaken may look good, bad, wide or narrow. But depending on your choice, there's no guarantee that everything will be all's well that ends well. It's not just like that. We take it from the heart whatever directions that resonates us. And it's not about choosing the wrong path. Sometimes the one that we chose usually have some surprises. Yes life is full of surprises and you won't know what is going to happen. You can't figure out clearly which one will really lead you to something that is good. And life is a long journey. Whatever path that you have chosen, the most important thing that you have acquired is the wisdom, and the will to grow. So it's not bad if you have chosen the wrong direction. After all, we always learn from our mistakes.

The road may be long, but in your journey you will meet a lot of challenges. Fear not, for they are there to bring you to another world. And when you walk through it and you reach at the end of the road, always be thankful to God. Say a little prayer, for He will guide you in your journey. No, it's not about choosing the right path, it's about the lessons that we have learned from choosing the path.

Sameera Chathuranga

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