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Friday, March 1, 2013

I Am So Proud Of You John

We always have to look at the brighter side no matter what happens, and even if the luck turns against you. Because everything happens for a reason, circumstances are a learning lesson and if we embrace these adversities with open heart, it helps you move on a lot easier, lighter and guilt-free.

The world is a stage full of ego and we have to deal with it every day in life, and you meet people who enter into your life, some people will stay and some people will leave. And whatever reason is, it make to a point that we get some pointers from them to learn a lot and become more aware of ourselves how we can change from within. This is how the Source works for our growth. And with so much more of these, we always have a continuous learning lesson and the pain and the sufferings that we felt is something that we can take as a basis why we change so much. So and when we are through the learning, we can now proceed to the next stage as soon as we are ready. The learning is a step by step process until you get it, learn how to accept anything that have come your way. There may be times that predicaments would come in a bundle and that the intensity was extreme to experience that you cannot hold on to it. This is just another way around and everyone has its own unique way to grow with the experience.

Perhaps if someone is able to read this blog, you wonder why the title is "I Am So Proud of You, John." Basically it is about my experience why I have so much conviction to write more often in my blog. That this blog upon my writings, could possibly become eye-opener to those who resonates with me. I am not saying this can help you better but at least I have shared some of my experiences that have served me a lesson for my personal growth.

So why am I being proud of me? First of all I will not be talking about my human accomplishment if there is, small or great. It is pretty easy to toot my own horn if I will be making some lists that I have done in the past.

Proud because I am being of myself more, knowing myself of who really I am and the things I have partaken in my journey to enlightenment as a spiritual seeker. Proud because somehow with my human experiences, I was able to suppress my ego that is keeping me away from my relationship to our Source, blocking me to become balanced, as we integrate ourselves with God. I know my path is, my spiritual calling although I know that I have my free-will and could alter the journey. God is just only showing me the way and everything that happens in me, good or bad is just a further step to become closer to the Source.

I have been persecuted and abused in spite of my goodness that I have shown to others and if that is the only way that could be at helped with them but the compassion that I have given them was unconditional although I felt it hurt me so much. I have learned how to accept failures and forgive those people who have caused me a lot of pain. Forgiveness takes a lot of time but the level of understanding has become wide open and there is a purpose why this happens becoming an instrument for their sense of necessity.

I feel light, despite of what happened to me badly and I'm just proud about it. My finances collapsed, my mission-vision failed but the brighter side is the growth I have learned from this lesson is immeasurable and I have left an ego-based business which I have taken cared for over 5 years.

This is not to vent what predicaments I have partaken in the past, I just want to share what are the catalysts for my spiritual growth that the purpose of what happened to me is about self acceptance and God made it to a point that everything happened to me was a sync in order to become One with the Source.

I feel the connection that is undeniable and my inner knowing keeps on telling me about this. Dreams, signs and synchronicity were abundant and has already been countless. Proud that I have found myself within of who I AM and the Universe keeps on reminding me about myself everyday.

I don't need to tell everything I have experienced if that is so, only the truth pops up in due time and it is the truth that will show things that that I don't really have to make a move and say it. The truth is just within.

So the lists go on why I am so proud about myself, not everything will be said. And I am just being proud of who the real I AM.

Sameera Chathuranga

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