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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Protecting Ourselves From Being Vulnerable

You probably tried your best to fit  in to some people and perhaps you are longing to make some friends with them. Unfortunately, no one seemed to care about you and you feel that you are an outcast, that they seemed not really care about you. Each of the effort that you did to please them did not work. And perhaps the reason why you want to please them is because you may like them.

Sometimes, things are one sided and the goods that you do are not appreciated and you are being overlooked with the things that you did for them. It creates questions to yourself that you might end up to say that is there something wrong with yourself. In this way, this is not an issue about giving or receiving. Not issue that you are a giver and should not expect anything when giving as what others insinuate.

There may be some different reasons of why they couldn't really come across your friendship, in spite of your goodness. But personally I wouldn't know these reasons are.

You are just being FLEXIBLE and you can always adjust to any kind of personality that you may have encountered.

But to the people who may seemed to be "choosy" perhaps they could not relate on you, and maybe they have a different likes they are looking for some criteria in order to fit in to their tastes.

Sometimes the friendship are being compromised in spite of having a "like-minded" or similarities with them. But we don't really know the reason behind.

And when you are practicing what is ought to dismantle your ego, you might probably think that sometimes if it is deemed necessarily, you may have to use your ego to shield yourself from being vulnerable. And this could be probably a good defense to protect own self.

So it's not always bad to say or do, when people doesn't like you, you can also dislike them. This is a normal actuation use as your own defense.

Sameera Chathuranga

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