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Friday, March 22, 2013

Shining Moments In Our Lives

There isn't so much travel for me this year because otherwise the moment when 2013, I could have spent some time in the out of town places. Unlike for the last two years I was so much blessed with more travels both for leisure and reflection. Everything happens for a reason why I may not have some local travel this year except in the nearby towns like Angono and Binangonan. But I wish that this coming Holy Week, I would be able to spend my time in Boac, Marinduque, just like in 2011 and 2012 for Moriones Festival as part of my reflection. I am hoping the Lord Jesus will give me this privilege again to spend time in this small island. Surprises may come that we won't know anything yet which the blessings that I am about to receive from the Universe.

I am getting ready for my next travel destination this year, which I am gonna spend my time in other country, and maybe that's the reason why I do not have much local travel this year.

Just before writing this introduction, I have no idea what to write about then all of a sudden, I have come across to write about the shining moments in our lives.

We come to a point that part of our journey within is to seek out for what we call "success" in everything that we do in our lives, because everyone is really hoping to achieve something that we can always be proud of. That spectacular shining moments in our lives just come, and sometimes it comes when we are least expecting it. Considering that we have worked out everything in order to achieve success and put us in greater heights. And we also come to a point that in this journey, in order to shine, the uniqueness that we have is the one that bring us to shine as bright as the stars in heaven. Something that we would want to achieve the best way possible as we would wait this moment to come.

But the true shining moment does not only manifest from what we do in our lives. Shining moments means you shine within. From the internal to external that people see you as someone who can shine, without being dependent to the success that we have achieved in life. It is who we are, the true self that really shines. Achieving success is an external factor which contributes to make us a person that we want to be. We can still shine though, even we lack that factor that we see from most of the successful people. The rich and famous, the celebrities, politician, entertainers, businessman, these are the people who have shine externally and perhaps because of the status that they have in life. But what about us, people from the bottom, not known at all. I think that the Universe is not biased at all. The Universe makes sure that we also enjoy that shining moment.

We need to take care of the light that we have, to maintain that equilibrium of shining. We don't need much golds as we are conditioned that success come from these material things. No it doesn't. It s the true self that really shine to each one of us.

Sameera Chathuranga

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