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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Truth Within

When I am sad and looking for some answers, the Universe work in a mysterious way and it works for me through signs and synchronicity. With the things that was unveiled by the Universe, it makes me feel better from the emotional turmoil and confusion I had. It's just I want something that will unfold the truth to support my inner knowing. That truth that comes out supports my claim that until today my logical mind could not really comprehend. It's like you are being reminded to already use your common sense.

As the information unfolds what I believe in, the Universe takes the initiative to believe and trust what I really feel may be true. I used the word "may" since at this moment my doubt still creeps on my mind.

I was really feeling bad the other night that I was hopelessly becoming confused in what I really felt, but I got stumbled to something that I did not really expect to be unfolded. That made felt better, because all these moments I was seeking for the answer and yet everything seemed to be unleashed one at a time. It wasn't revealed to me in a single bundle. That's how the Universe works. The truth will not be unveiled in just a single serving. It will just come out from the moment when you are least expecting it, but the mind is the one making us confused, for it fights back to what our heart is saying to believe in.

It made me happy though, but I wouldn't know how long will it just make me feel better. Or maybe, the Universe will give me another idea until everything becomes clearer. This is part of my soul's journey. Happy because of the truth within. Sad because, I haven't gotten the big picture yet. But one thing I have learned in my path is to trust the Universe and become patient as the Source is working on its way through the Divine Plan. But I wouldn't know yet how everything's gonna be. More importantly is how I felt that the Universe loves me and wouldn't leave me in vein.

I trust God, that I know someday everything will have a clear answer.

Sameera Chathuranga

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