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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trust The Universe

Trust the Universe. No matter what happens, hold on have faith and don't give up. For the Universe is working on for the goods so that something that you have planned for will make it happen. It is tailored and signs and synchronicity will be abundant and tell you that something better is something to transpire. The Universe will not let you down when you know that your intentions are good, that you do not aggravate someone.

Trust the Universe. Any positive thoughts will give you positive results. And if you trust the Universe, any negativity in your mind is eliminated. Believe and trust your heart, for the Universe will show you the way. Anything that happened bad to you, there's always a reason why it happened. Learning the lesson for pain is the greatest teacher. Once you have learned your lessons, and once you don't give up your faith, everything's good is underway to happen. Just trust the Universe. For adversities are just there in order to teach us how to become resilient.

You will be prepared for the greater heights and you will climb up the ladder to reach the edge. Trust the Universe, and your heart will lead you the way. The Universe will give you what you need. For it has been proven in the past. It happened before that any wish is granted, and whatever you have planned for at present it will happen. You claim it and you have it.

Trust the Universe and embrace yourself with love. For the Universe is the hope for all your worries. Because when you trust, your worry will just melt away and will be no more.

We are the sons and daughters of the Universe. The Universe hear every cry that we have. Pray to God, for He is listening to you, hearing what you have cried for.

Trust and give your best shots. For the Universe will be working with your thoughts and actions that you have planted. You are the master of your own thoughts and actions. For what goes around comes around.

Sameera Chathuranga

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