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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What's Up John

It's Lenten season once again and it reminds me of my reflection I made in Marinduque last year. Yes I spent my Holy Week in that island and I can recall about staying in the town of Boac where I witnessed the Moriones Festival. Boac was the hometown of my late grandma and I could say that partly I am a Marinduqueno, though I was born in Bicol region and my dialect is both Tagalog and Ilonggo. My mom was Ilongga and my father was Bicolano. But my heart is really Bicolano and I can feel it, hehe...

Anyway, at this time I won't have some out of town trips, I just want to focus and keep myself busy innovating my website. Will have to prepare myself to relaunch it and I would need some people to work with me as well. Will be very busy for the next two months to prepare myself for this grand relaunch.

I just realized that there are new hopes, and there are lots of stars keep shining that guide someone in the path. We all have that in this life journey. It is only for us to appreciate it. And in our journey we need God's guidance. We pray and God will lead us the way.

So this is all for now and God bless us all.

Sameera Chathuranga

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