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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Aspiring to Become International Travel Blogger

I have this aspiration to become an international travel blogger. My interest in blogging came in the year 2006 when I purchased this domain and it all started as fun. A year after, I was not able to renew the domain and somebody got this domain. In the year 2009, that was actually July, I was able to re-claim this domain and that was when I was staying in California. It was more on personal blogging though, and I did not start right away as travel blogging. Traveling has been my cup of tea since then, the time when blogging doesn't exist yet. Before, I used to write my personal notes on my small notebook as part of my diary. Yes. I've been traveling a lot since then and photography was already my passion although I did not have my own camera yet. I love to collect some of my travel photos, got tons of them but unfortunately most of them was destroyed by typhoon Ondoy in 2009.

I love to blog when it comes to places, people, food and culture. And since I was into traveling and most of my blogs are my experiences in local travels, I want to expand my horizon to become an international travel blogger. It takes a lot of money though, and not a joke since I myself have experienced to travel locally. Even I have spent a lot, but the experience was worth it. And I have learned a lot from my travel experiences. It's fun at the same time educational.

Being a backpacker is something you always wanted to explore how you are gonna stay or live by all means in cost and effective way. I stayed to the hostels in New York and knew exactly was it's like to be. You also have the chance to mingle with different races and I have experienced how it feels like when you get to stay in the hostel people with different cultures.

Staying in New York was expensive that is why the choice is to backpack not to withstand how it's like to be, especially when you don't have your own room and the toilet is common.

So I am ready to explore by becoming an international travel blogger and hopefully I wanted to visit North, Central and South America, the Caribbean islands, Europe and Africa. Asia is just a neighbor so I dream to let my blogging begin in America.

I tried to blog my experience in Macao and that was in 2008 when I attended a trade show. Yes that was my first one to blog outside the country, then came in New York in 2009.

Well I want to claim it now, that I would become an international travel blogger and find sponsors for my blogging. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Sameera Chathuranga

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