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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Opening A Channel From The Universe

Signs and synchronicities. That's how the Universe communicate to each and everyone, especially when you open a channel from the Source. And these signs are synchonicities that you will see everywhere become normal and these are just beyond control, that it has a special meaning when it comes. The messages are personalized. Sometimes, doubts and fears arise. Yes this is still normal. What you can perceive, the mind always contradict. But it is the heart that knows the truth within. Sometimes we tend to ignore these signs and forget everything that is feeding us. And this is because of the piece of ego that we have. These signs are our guiding star that the Universe, the Source, God is hearing us. Our prayers, our hopes our dreams, we can always benefit from these signs and syncs.

There are various ways to open a channel from the Universe. Some will pray and meditate, exercise or maybe do some rituals. The Universe will perfectly open the channel when the students are ready. It will just come in various forms. You have to open your eyes to see it, but it's the heart that usually has an eye for it.

Sometimes even when you don't do anything, the Universe will naturally give you some messages. This is a gift. But it may not be for everyone.

Signs and syncs function to know that the Source knows what we need to know, because this is clearly the message we are receiving on each moment.

You just have to be yourself and no need to find it, or observe for it will just come. For these messages that you will receive is very unique and personalized.

Sameera Chathuranga

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