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Friday, April 5, 2013

Traveling, Backpacking and Blogging

My experience about traveling to different destinations helped me a lot to learn more about the places, people, foods and just a bit of the culture. It also helped me to sort out where to stay and to eat foods. Likewise, the experience may be differ from person to person, depending on their preferences. Throughout my travel, the learning process was inevitable, as it was part of the packages when you go to your preferred destination. When traveling is your passion, everything may come easy as you go along. You'll get comfortable with what you do, especially when you plan ahead of time before you go to a particular place. Any course of action that should commence depends on your plans, and planning is the most vital part before you get to see these places.

Traveling comes with backpacking and usually you may find yourself alone when you go to different places. This is to experience what you think you can share to others so they may also know what to do  then they come to visit some places. But in my case, I have researched a lot over the internet through one's blog and that served as a tip for me what to do in the place, what to bring, and what are the do's and don't when you go to a certain part of the place. Yes, I did some researches and my experience itself was a trial and error. Anything you have done in the past you can alter it on your next stop.

And what comes along with traveling, backpacking is to blog what has transpired during your visit to a place. Blogging may not be applicable to some, but in my case I have my own blog that is why I write anything that I have gained out of my travel. Your camera is your tool to take a lot of pictures to some of your interesting experience and it is through your photos that people will be able to relate your traveling experience.

With blogging, you help people with what you have experienced. Likewise in this blog that I have, I love when people make a comment and make sure I answer them with what I already know.

Sameera Chathuranga

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