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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tres Escalon Falls In Taytay, Rizal

I grew up in Cainta, Rizal and I live in this town up to present and most of my leisure time I go to the nearest mall like Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. Since then I never had the chance to rusticate the entire Rizal Province, so I seldom visit tourist spots where you can find Daranak Falls in Tanay, Antipolo and the rest I visited recently are Pililia, Cardona, Angono, Binangonan and Morong. I was pretty much of the malls aside from the nearest one either I go to Ortigas Center or Cubao. Yes I spent most of my time in the hustle-bustle city where everyone's busy.

I love to travel and if I do not go to the malls, I usually go out of town and write my experience about it in this blog. But recently I have come up with an idea to spot some tourist destinations or a sort of in the Rizal Province. The start of my journey to take Rizal seriously began in December 2012 and those were parts of my photography scene shots. I started researching some places and just the other day with the help of my friend, he recommended Tres Escalon Falls because I was looking for some places so I can take photos with the model just to give myself a try-out to take some outdoor shots for models.

I decided to visit the place and Tres Escalon Falls is situated in Taytay, Rizal inside the Melendres Village. Taytay is the neighboring town of Cainta and I never thought I gotta find this falls since Taytay is just a few minutes away from where I reside in Cainta. Melendres Village is located on the way to Antipolo from Junction, Ortigas Extension, there are Jeepneys going to Antipolo. Upon reaching Caltex on the left side, Melendres Village is just beside the gasoline station and Tres Escalon is just a few meters away from the gate where you have to go straight ahead until you reach the basketball court on the right side of the road which is the jump off point.

When you go down, there are a few stairs but trails are not established, so some rocks serve as steps going to the falls. When I visited Tres Escalon this afternoon, there not enough water in the stream as this may due to summer season.

Garbage is scattered in the area and maybe it came from the residents within the vicinity.

I hope they could find ways to restore the beauty of Tres Escalon as this serves as a tourist destination in Taytay where locals can be proud of this place.

Sameera Chathuranga

2 Responses So Far:

Unknown said...

Nice shot! Thanks for sharing the story. "Ngayon ko lng nalaman na may falls pala near our home". Haha

john said...

Yes thanks Ishy. Actually ako rin huli ko na rin nalaman na may falls din sa Taytay :D